10 Things That Surprised Me About Fibromyalgia

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Even though I‘m an American with no Asian family background, I’ve always been interested in South Korea and the Korean people. I‘ve been learning the language for more than two years, befriended many Korean Angelenos, and of course eaten all the Korean barbeque my stomach could handle. The one thing I had not done yet, however, was visit the country in person. That changed when I had a chance to visit South Korea last month.

The hundreds of videos I’ve watched, multiple books I‘ve read, and information I’ve gathered about Korea still did not prepare me for what I experienced during my ten day trip. I‘m a huge believer that in order to really learn about a place, whether it’s the culture, the people, or the way of life, you have to visit it in person and experience it firsthand. Here are ten things about South Korea that surprised me as an American tourist.

1.The people are even friendlier than I expected

Source : http://www.koreatimes.com/article/20170913/1075889

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