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A little behind-the-scenes from yesterday's shoot w @billiejoearmstrong. Super excited about our upcoming eyeliner collab for @katvondbeauty. 🖤 #basketcase #comingsoon

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Kat Von D always has lots of exciting and unexpected things in the works. In addition to filling our feed with some major makeup inspo, the brand frequently shares exciting sneak peaks. And Kat Von D herself recently shared some super exciting news when she revealed that the beauty brand is collaborating with

Green Day‘s

Billie Joe Armstrong.

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That’s right, one of our favorite beauty brands is collaborating with one of our favorite punk rock bands. We’ll just let that sink in a moment. There are a lot of beauty collaborations, but this is something new and exciting.

Kinda hard to take a serious photo when you're handcuffed to this guy: @billiejoearmstrong 🖤

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Kat Von D shared some behind-the-scenes photos she did with Billie Joe for the shoot. The images shows Kat and the singer rocking their signature black with Billie Joe sporting his black eyeliner. It makes perfect sense because Kat Von D revealed in the Instagram post that they’re collaborating on an eyeliner.

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Kat hashtagged the post with “#Basketcase” which Green Day fans will know is one of their songs. It turns out it’s also the name of the eyeliner. Kat V D later gave a preview of the eyeliner’s packaging on Snapchat. It shows a skinny black pen with “Basket Case” written on it in a gold font.

Kat Von D didn’t reveal anymore details than that, but we’ll be keeping you updated with any news. After all, it’s not everyday that a beauty brand teams up with one of your band idols.

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