18 Easy Nail Art Designs To Do With A Toothpick

by Udita Saklani

Mommies! This festive season, amp up your style quotient with these 25 gorgeous DIY nail art designs

Expert 04With only a day left for the festival of Diwali, we are sure you are already sorted as far as clothes and footwear are concerned. Grooming yourself for the D-day is also one thing ladies look forward to during Diwali. Parlours are booked days in advance during the festive season. Also, glam up your nails this season; they might as well shine out along with the beautifully lit diyas. Fret not if you couldn’t book your parlour appointment.DIY nail art designs 1

Presenting some easy DIY nail art designs for this festive season which you can easily try doing at home. You need not be super creative as far as the designs are concerned. And what better advantage than doing it yourself? You already have your outfit colours sorted so matching the designs of the nail won’t be a hassle. 

So, flaunt these awesome but easy DIY nail art designs and amp up your glam factor:

1. Two-toned nail art:

Why do one when there is scope and chance of two! Before you get your grey cells working, we are only talking about the nail colour on the nail bed. The two-toned nail art is by far the easiest one to do. All you need is two different but contrasting nail colours. Use your creativity and get rolling by using the two colours in a pattern of sorts. Check out a similar nail art design which is actually along the lines of ombre 🙂DIY nail art designs 2

2. Nude glitter nail art:

Well, if you are low on time and creativity, the nude glitter nail art might as well come to your rescue. These are quite easy and nude nails is a rage in the fashion circuit these days.

3. Variation in ring fingernail art:

You might not have heard about this trend, as it is completely new. In this nail art, the ring finger stands out as it displays a different colour or design.

4. Stamp nail art:

These days, there are nail art kits readily available on the market at decent and affordable prices. these consist of an ink pad and a ready-made stamp which is easy to apply and lasts for quite some time post application.

5. Dotted nail art:

Polka dots can never go out of fashion. Neither in clothes nor on your nails. This is also not very high as far as the difficulty parameter is concerned. the only extra thing which you require here is the dotting tools, which is easily available online. You can either use two colours or do a multicolour polka dot nail art.

>DIY nail art designs 3
>DIY nail art designs 4
>DIY nail art designs 5
>DIY nail art designs 6
>DIY nail art designs 7
>DIY nail art designs 8
>DIY nail art designs 9
>DIY nail art designs 10
>DIY nail art designs 11
>DIY nail art designs 12
>DIY nail art designs 13
>DIY nail art designs 14
>DIY nail art designs 15
>DIY nail art designs 16
>DIY nail art designs 17
>DIY nail art designs 18
>DIY nail art designs 19
>DIY nail art designs 20
>DIY nail art designs 21
>DIY nail art designs 22
>DIY nail art designs 23
>DIY nail art designs 24
>DIY nail art designs 25

Here is wishing you all a very Happy Diwali 🙂


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