30 Easy Nail Art Designs E Book Is Available Now!

Let’s be honest: We’re all checking our horoscopes, whether we’re into astrology or not. The zodiac has been taking over both fashion and beauty as of late, with everything from sign-inspired accessories to makeup tutorials. One brand is taking astrological love to a whole new level with a quick and easy-to-use nail-art kit. Jamberry has launched a zodiac nail wrap collection available on its website now through June 30. There’s a design for every sign, featuring intricate details and a different color rendition for each—and they’re only $18 a pack. Find your next manicure here, written in the stars.

Source : http://thezoereport.com/beauty/nails/jamberry-zodiac-nail-wraps/

This Is The Nail Art Trend To Try, According To The Zodiac
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