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The Going Out Gurus: So here's the latest: Washington's cheeks are all set to blush sometime between April 4 and 9. That's when the National Park Service predicts that the cherry blossoms will be at their peak. Please note that our guide to all things blossom will be online this coming Monday. I (Alexa) was away last week and never heard whether or not you are enjoying the blog. I know Joe, for one, adores it. Anyhow, love it or hate it, we are all -- bar dear Maura who is under the weather -- here.


Adams Morgan: Fritz-

Thank you sooo much for writing that article about Club-Hop!; You do not even know how many times I have thought about contacting either the GoG's or the promoters of Absolute Addiction myself to complain. I have "tried" to participate in the hop 3 times now, and I will tell you that I will never be a part of it again. Honestly, it feels like a really big SCAM. Why go somewhere to 'check-in' and pay the club-hop cover, when you end up having to pay at each place anyway? Your article said that the hop was only on Saturdays, but last week a group of us went out on Friday (check in was at Panache). We then proceeded to go to Ozio, where there was a $10 cover, Five where there was a $5 cover, and so on. All of these clubs, including Sesto Senso and Andalu didn't even know what the bracelet meant? My friends and I were ready to party and have a good time--but we ended up feeling stupid and played. You would think these clubs would be familiar with the concept--it's been going on for months now. Thank you soooo much for letting me vent!;!;!;!;!;

Fritz: Well, AdMo, there wasn't a Club Hop last Friday -- at least, not one that you could sign up for through the regular AbsoluteAddiction.com site. I know because the owner mentioned it twice when I was talking about Club Hop; they were changing the format, so they took a week or two off. Friday night crawls start again this week, with Five as the new starting place. Maybe no one told Panache? That's the real problem with Club Hop: lack of communication between the venues, some of which use multiple promoters at the door. (Like Vida, for instance.)

But when I went out to write the story (undercover, of course), my friends and I got into MCCXXIII, Five and Rumors without paying cover, which seems like a pretty good deal if that's what you want to do.

I agree, though, that there are plenty of kinks to work out if they want to advertise that you can get into 7 or 8 clubs for free.


Curly Q,Washington DC: Please help, I have long naturally curly hair, and need to find a stylist that has experience w/ curls, can any curly fries out there that can recommend someone to me? Thanks in advance!;

Janet: Here are some suggestions: Elie.Elie, Hugo and Roche. Hope one of these works for you.

Janet: Oops, forgot Hugo and Fiddleheads.


Arlington, Va: GoG's, please help me!;

I can't remember where I heard about this - I think I read it in a magazine - but it's something about a woman who was a jeans-model - not the runway kind, but the kind that designers would actually build their jeans on. See, she was a bit too "big" to be a "real" model (as in she was like a size 4 or 6 instead of a 0), but designers still realize that their jeans have to fit real people so they'd use her to see how the jeans would actually look on slightly more normal folks.

Anyway, long story short, in this article they said that this woman found such success working with the designers of jeans that she started giving them tips on how to design, and eventually started her own line of jeans because she was so good at it. Supposedly her jeans are designed with a more average figure in mind, and are supposed to fit a varitety of sizes very well.

Do you have any clue who I am talking about? Apparently her jeans have just started selling in the last few months... I can't remember what her name is though and I really wanted to try some!; If you have any clue what I am talking about or can lead me to a site that might have information, I would sincerely appreciate it!; Thanks so much - you guys are the best!;

Janet: Anybody have any knowledge about this?? If so, let us know!


LeDroit Park, Washington, D.C.: Hi GOGs -- I know this isn't really the best place for this question but I have no idea where else to ask it and I know you get shopping-related questions from time to time.

The short version of this question is basically that I bungled Valentine's Day pretty badly. Won't go into why. Anyway, I was thinking of doing something off-the-wall that combined a gift with a bit of whimsy.

I've read about the "diamond martini" some bar or hotel offers somewhere and don't think that's exactly what I'm looking for but it struck me that a diamond necklace dipped in chocolate would probably make my lady bust out in tears and laughter at the same time, and that is the effect I'm going for.

Now, how would you go about doing this in DC? I thought maybe I could buy the necklace, and then go to a chocolatier (maybe Kron in Mazza Gallerie) or a ritzy restaurant/bakery and ask for help. I'm sure you understand why I'm trying here, anonymously, first -- don't really feel like getting laughed out of half the joints in town if possible...

Thanks for any help!

Janet: It seems as if you want to disguise a great gift so it's really a wonderful surprise. If so, there are other ways to do it that would be simpler. Example: many years ago a boyfriend of mine came over to pick me up for a tennis game and he brought a can of balls. We got to the court and when I opened the can, under the tennis balls was a little robin's-egg blue box with white ribbon from Tiffany. Try something along those lines.


Adams Morgan: Hello GoG's,

What is up with the new place Chloe? Went there with 2 other girlfriends of mine, and the doorman was a tool. I know that it is a new place and that there is a lot of hype about it (there was a realllly long line to get in on saturday)--but what is up with the attitude? We didn't know much about the place, i.e. what kind of music there was, etc...and the door guy answered with so much indignation I thought I was in Miami or L.A. Come on, you are in Adams-freakin'-Morgan!;!; Long story short, they lost 3 (cute) customers that night...!;!;

Fritz: Wow, folks in Adams Morgan are feisty today.

I went to Chloe for the first time on a Thursday, and it was pretty laid back -- okay electronic dance music, decent beer, good crowd. I've essentially given up trying to go back (for now, anyway) because of the doormen. They're basically unpleasant and unhelpful, and don't really make me want to go inside.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Fritz and Rhome,

Were you at Pharmacy early Saturday evening?

Just curious.

Fritz: Nope, but I really like the bar. Why do you ask?

Rhome: I wasn't there either. But I copy what Fritz says. Great all around spot. Not frou-frou but not cruddy either. Chill, imbibe, talk to folks.


DC: CHLOE: Went to chloe for the first time, had a blast. Want to reserve a table there for a birthday party for a friend...someone from Chloe informed us that it would be $500 minimum for a table. Is it worth it?? Do we get anything for free (does that come with a bottle??) Thanks!;

Fritz: Glad you liked it. The $500 minimum would, I assume, cover at least one bottle -- and you could get two for that price at MCCXXIII or Fur, as I understand it. You'd probably get free and expidited admission, which may really make the deal worth it.


Friendship Heights, Washington.D.C.: Hey guys! So I know a lot of people ask about manicures and pedicures, but I have a more specific request- I have a VERY small attention span for just sitting their (especially for a manicure, can't even read a magazine!) So, do you know of anywhere VERY fast/efficient and preferably not too expensive? Thanks!

Janet: I completely understand your lack of patience for the process. Nothing is more boring than sitting there and watching paint dry. Nail Villa in Georgetown is fairly fast, but the point is you still have to sit there with that drying contraption for a bit if you don't want to ruin the whole thing. That fast-drying stuff in the aerosol can helps speed it up some.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Guru's -- I am moving to a new apartment and -finally- graduating from my college/Ikea-esque furniture. I plan on selling it on craig's list. If I can't get rid of it that way, do you have any suggestions for furniture disposal? I could always toss some of it in the dumpster behind my building. However, I was wondering if you knew of any easy means (e.g. pick-up services or drop off points) were this stuff could benefit others, beside the dumpster termites?


Janet: There are lots of places like AmVets, Purple Heart and Value Village that pick up donations ranging from housewares and clothing to electrical appliances and computers. I am not sure whether any of these organizations will take furniture, but it would certainly be worth a call. You'd also get a tax deduction.


Alexandria, Va: Gurus- What can you tell me about seeing Route 11 potato chips being made? The Web site says there's not a tour, so I wonder how much of the operation you can see - five minutes' worth, or enough to justify the trip? Either way, what else do you recommend out that way? I thought Winchester might be a good stop.

Thanks, folks.

Anne: You could make a grand road trip of touring Route 11, home of a lawn ornaments dealer, a quilt museum and the potato chip factory. Even if you can't see much at the factory, it sounds like it's worth a stop to taste the freshly made hot chips. If you go, please report back on what you find.


Re: Jeans: The line is called Paige Premium Denim-- supposed to be amazing!;

Janet: Here's the name of the brand of jeans for the person in search.


Crystal City, Va.: GOG's, I love you, but it truly pains me that you still haven't started up the much-talked-about wedding chat. This stressed bride to be needs your advice! I've narrowed down my wedding sites to these three choices: the Mayflower, the Westin on Embassy Row and the Omni-Shoreham. Which of these hotels serves up the best food (from their banquet kitchen, not the restaurant kitchen)? Anybody???

Janet: Anybody have any info on this?


Arlington, VA: Just wondering if there is a good homebrew supply store

in the DC metro area; I recently moved from Minnesota,

and am looking to start brewing again.

Fritz: Check out Jay's Brewing Supplies in Fairfax (http://www.jaysbrewing.com/)-- they have a really good reputation with local homebrewers. You might also want to contact BURP (Brewers United for Real Potables), the local homebrewing group. Their site is http://www.burp.org.


Adam's Morgan, Washington, D.C.: If anyone is looking for a new, fun, small place to go out in the Morgan, I would definitely recommend trying the new Irish bar on 18th street. It was opened by one of the bartenders from Adam's Mill. I can't remember the full name, but it is T.S. something. Anyway, they don't have a liquor license yet, but do still have wine and beer. There are some really good beer bucket specials and they are doing lots of fun promotional events too!

Fritz: I wrote a little about T.S. Muttley's in the blog this morning. It's nice, if a bit small, and $3 beers aren't bad on a Saturday night. But damn, that place got crowded around midnight, and the door doesn't close all the way, creating a nice little draft.

It's worth checking out, though.


What's a weekend?: I know this sounds like a lame question, but can you guys give me an intinerary of things to do this Saturday? It seems like every Sat. I'm trying to find something to do.

I'm done with the museums and well, there has to be more that D.C. can offer!;

Jen: There's much more here than just museums. Here are a few Saturday options: Alexandria's St. Patrick's Day Parade (a little early); The D.C. Independent Film Festival, all manner of plays and performances, including discounted tickets for shows from TICKETplace. There's much more than that, obviously, but hopefully that gives you a start. Search around in the Entertainment Guide and you'll find lots more.


Re: Chloe: I wrote a very positive review the week it opened...but wanted to give an update: I went with a group of friends last Friday and waited outside in line for 40 minutes, even though they had a table!; Once inside it wasn't too hard to get a drink, but its already losing its charm. Just a warning!;

Fritz: 40 minutes with a table reservation?

I know they're new, but that's ridiculous. I would have left.


Virginia: What do you think are the best concert venues in metro area? How do you feel about Iota?

Joe: Hello Virginia, I think we actually have a lot of excellent concert venues in the area. The sound and selection at the 9:30 are top-notch. The Birchmere also has a great sound system and is small enough that you never feel too far away from the performer. Iota is one of my favorite places. Very small but cool music and a great staff. For small clubs I like the Warehouse Next Door, Galaxy Hut and the Black Cat's back stage (the Medications show there last night was one of the best I've been to in a long time.) For bigger shows, the Warner Theatre and Wolf Trap are also really nice places to see a show. During the winter, the Barns at Wolf Trap is another wonderful venue. I'm probably forgetting a couple of other good ones.


Arlington, VA: Hi GOG's

Ok, I know you've answered questions about where to get a good haircut before, but this one is different, I swear. It is very specific. I loved Oprah's hair at the Oscars. I too have naturally very curly hair. Who in this city knows how to cut curls well? So far everyone either gives me no style at all or makes me look like I belong in a 1980's music video. Any suggestions from you or chatters?

Thanks, and PS: I've tried the "ouidad" specialists in Tysons, and they're highly overrated, in my opinion.

Janet: Have you tried Piaf in downtown D.C.? Any other curlyheads had good experiences?


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: Can you gurus give me the scoop yet on what's happening on St. Patrick's Day? Just want to get a sense of all my options in advance... Thanks!

Fritz: Best thing I've seen so far: Scythian and the Flying Cows of Ventry at Finn MacCool's. We'll have a bigger list up soon, but really, I hate dealing with the crowds at the Dubliner/4Ps/Irish Times. Who wants to go to a pub where they take out all the tables, don't serve foor or accept credit cards and jam patrons in like sardines? Totally defeats the purpose, I think.


Re: Jeans designer: The article was in the Sunday Source.

Janet: More on the jeans designer.


College Park, MD: Does anyone know about standby tickets for the musical concerts at the library of Congress? All of the seasons tickets are sold but there is a note to come down at 6:30 before an 8 pm concert and wait in line for standby tickets.

Any experience out there?

Are standby tickets usually available?

Thanks for the help.


Joe: Hello College Park, I think it's very hit or miss whether you can get a standby ticket if the show is sold out. I know when I saw Jimmy Scott there last summer there was a very long standby line and most of those didn't get tickets. They do have a separate room where you can watch the concert on a live video feed. But that's not exactly the same thing. If it is someone you really want to see and you get there very early, you may have a chance. Good luck.


Washington, DC: RE: Route 11 Chips: If you do go make sure you call ahead and find out exactly when the chips are being made. We went on a Saturday and were informed that chips were only made during certain hours (which unfortunately wre not the hours we were there). That aside, it's a great road trip out there with lots to do on the way, and the chips are great!; Lots to sample - including hard to find flavors and their potatoe chip cookies which are fantastic!;!;!;

Anne: Yes, always a good idea to call ahead. Thanks for the chip cookies tip.


Pining for the 'Pin: Any intel on when/if Kingpin will be reopening? I miss my favorite bar...

Fritz: No word yet, but owner Joel Didriksen tells me they're going to start doing "Kingpin Sundays" at Wonderland, with all your favorite Kingpin staffers. There's yet another reason to check out the coolest bar in Columbia Heights.


Aspen Hill, MD: Eyebrow plucking - does anyone know of a spa/beauty establishment that does excellent eye brow waxing AND that Mediterranian "string" removal? Cant remember what its called, but they use a string to pluck out your brows. Thanks in advance.

Janet: A safe bet is any of the Aveda salons. As for that string process, the only place I've ever seen it done is at Bergdorf's in NYC.


Washington, DC: Is there a good place for a bisexual female to meet ladies in the Washington area? Are the gay and lesbian places also friendly to bisexual women?

Rhome: My gay and lesbian friends hang out at all the places I go, which are not outwardly gay or lesbian. This is definitely one for audience input, as my Guru knowledge falls short here. I think I'm accurate in pointing out that the gay and lesbian "scene" is just as fragmented as the general social landscape of DC, with sub-groupings by race, class, culture, politics, etc. Care to add on some more specifics beyond just meeting ladies? What kind of ladies doing what kind of activities? I did just get notice that DJ Mandrill is playing a lesbian event at Xcalibur lounge every 1st Saturday of the month, a "sexy upscale event for women that love women". Haven't been yet but if Mandrill is there it's safe to say that it's legit. You can also try Taint.


Washington, D.C. : Hi GOGs, I apologize if this is not the correct forum, but I was wondering if/when you are going to have a spring fashion chat. I am a little lost on what are the must-haves this season. Thanks!

Janet: We are definitely going to have one; just waiting for Post fashion editor to return from Europe to join me in answering your questions about must-buys.


19th and Penn., Washington, D.C.: Can you recommend a good manicure/pedicure place in Golden Triangle area? How about a barber that still uses a straight razor in the same area?

Janet: How much do you love your hands and feet? If you really want a treat for both, try Cristophe.Yes, it's owned by the same person who gave Clinton a haircut on the runway. Sorry, don't have any info on that barber of Seville. Anyone else have an idea?


Arlington, VA: I'm looking for a jeweler/jewelry repair person I could trust with my life.

I've got a ring that's been in the family for ages, from father to son, etc. My father's hands are much bigger than mine (the difference is enough that they couldn't resize the ring without re-setting everything), so they had the jeweler fashion a sort of ring-within-a-ring to hold it in place. Which worked great.

After a few years, that ring-within-a-ring is cracking, and I'm looking to have it repaired or replaced with some other system. I really don't want this thing to fall off.

Any sure bets in town?

Janet: Charles Schwartz & Son has a very good reputation, as does Mangan Jewelers of McLean and Lynn Jewelers downtown on 17th Street.


Del Ray, Alexandria, Va.: Just want to vent about a usually lovely venue, the Birchmere. Saw the Finn Bros on Monday in the Bandstand. I'd never been to a standing only show there, and it was absurd. The stage is like two feet off the ground, so it's impossible to see if you're short. Iota and the 930 can be crazy crowded but the stage is much, much higher. And, six bucks for a lousy beer really is silly.

Joe: Hi Del Ray. Sorry you had a bad experience at the Birchmere. I've been to a bunch of shows in the bandstand and hadn't noticed that the stage was that low. As for $6 beers, I don't know what to say. I guess they're just charging what people will pay.


Adams Morgan - Washington DC: Gurus,

I am a recently relocated midwest girl looking to update my hairstyle. I need to find a stylist, not outrageously priced, that will be able to give a funky, yet still professional new city look. Any suggestions for one in g-town, dc metro area?

Janet: We hear good things about Trim and Demian, both in your neck of the woods.


Falls Church, VA: So with the NHL going out of business - I have to imaginie Zamboni owners need to make a quick buck. Do you know where you can rent one? Actually in all seriousness I am looking for a new watering hall in the East Falls Church area, Ballston is getting old (and trashy) and Clarendon is too long of a drive for just a couple. Something other than the Four P's would be nice. Any suggestions?

Fritz: How about the Four Ps in Falls Church? It's a little more tame than Cleveland Park's, but I've had a decent pint there. Or, down the street, I like the Broad Street Grill, which is a great neighborhood restaurant and tavern.


Wondering: How do the rest of us get to go clubbing with Fritz?

Fritz: Would you really want to?


Washington DC: Where can you recommend going for dancing on a

Saturday night that does not involve hip hop? I am

looking for something on the Britpop/dance/techno side,

preferably in Dupont.


David: Sounds like Red is probably your best bet. That'll be more on the house/dance side of things, no Britpop. If you're willing to venture out of Dupont, the Black Cat has about 34,428 different dance nights now, more on the Britpop side of things, which rotate most weekend evenings.


Arlington, Va.: I want to surprise my boyfriend who is a big jazz fan by taking him out to a nice club/bar/lounge where they have live jazz music. I cant seem to figure out where to go b/c some of the places i have found are a little scary (like the Saloun in g-town). Any sugestions or ideas would be greatly apprecaited.

Thank you


Joe: Hi Arlington. Take him to Blues Alley in G'town. Eartha Kitt will be there this weekend, though call ahead to make sure the shows aren't sold out. You could also try Twins on U St. Or Utopia, also on U Street. Any of those would work.


Rockville, MD: I'm looking for suggestions of something to do during the day this weekend in DC because it's been too long since the husband and I did something fun. It needs to be cheap and not involve a lot of walking or physical activity (I'm pregnant and growing by the hour). Are there any movies, exhibits, shows, etc. that you would recommend? Thanks!;

Jen: If you want to avoid excessive walking, I'd say a movie or show might be the best options. Movie-wise, try one of the Oscar-winning films still sticking around in theaters, perhaps "Million Dollar Baby" (as long as you don't mind a sad film) or "Sideways." "Black Milk" is closing at the Studio Theatre this weekend, and that might be worth seeing. It's also within reasonable walking distance of a few restaurants and shops, so you could make an afternoon of it, at least until you feel compelled to go home and lay down.


Arlington, VA: Ok, so I'm pretty much kicking a dead horse, but I am hoping that this will make Chloe clean up their act because they have great potential!; Pro: awesome food. Con: it came out cold the first time around, service was slow and not attentive, no martini glasses (Quote from waiter: we only have like 15 martini glasses here). What? Anyway, I hope they improve, because it's got a great atmosphere and lots of potential!;!;!; Hope someone from Chloe is reading this!;!;!;

Fritz: Let's hope so, but let's also be realistic. The problem with Chloe (and Saki, and all the other places that people complain about when they e-mail me) is that despite all the negative feedback I've heard on this forum and elsewhere, there was still a big line outside last weekend. What motivation does Chloe have to change when people are willing to stand outside in the cold for 40 minutes to just hand over their money?


Washington, DC: Re: jeans

A good resource for the Paige Premium Denim is the website shopbop.com. They just started carrying the designer but have a pretty decent selection.

Janet: More on Paige Premium Denim.


U Street, Washington, D.C.: Long ago, Blue Room used to be one of my favorite DJ bars. Every time I go now, which is infrequent, it has a strange, Ocean City-like crowd of hip-hoppers and tourists. Has the Blue Room been killed by Local 16, Mantis, and Saki, or have I just been going on bad nights?

Rhome: The hip-hoppers will only be there on hip-hop nights, like Uncle Q's, but the ones that do show at the Blue Room are a more varied and less stereotypically hip-hop bunch (however you want to carry that statement). My opinion is that it's really fun, not weird. I'd think that the only way that Blue Room competes with the other places you mentioned would be in pulling the wannabe chic crowd, the type that goes to places not to enjoy a specific type of activity or vibe, but because they just have to be wherever they were told is the cool place to go. They'll always be around.

I haven't been hanging out there lately when there wasn't a specific event with its own built-in crowd so maybe you did just get a few off nights. It happens.


Mayflower for weddings: I don't know about the food at the Mayflower, but when I looked there for my wedding, I asked about vegetarian options. The event planner said they offered them. I stressed that by "vegetarian" I meant no chicken broth in sauces, beef stock in the soup, etc., she said "Well, the chef gets a little picky about that. You would have to make a special request." Silly me --- I thought vegetarian was self-explanatory.

The Mayflower was laughably out of my budget anyway, but I was majorly irked that---even though I would be paying -top- dollar---they would not accommodate a simple request.

Just a warning if you decide to go with them.

Janet: For the bride-to-be in search of info on where to have her wedding, something about the Mayflower.


Washington, DC: Hey GOGs. I made a bet with a couple coworkers about a year ago, that by mid-March 2005 there would be whispers that Tequila Beach and Coyote Ugly were not doing well. When these places opened, I just didn't think DC is/was the right kind of town for those bars. So, a year later, any whispers? How are each of them doing? Do I have to buy the drinks? Thanks.

Fritz: Coyote Ugly does fine on weekends, I think, though last time I wandered in it was pretty dead (and kind of sad). Then again, I think it was a Wednesday.

Tequila Beach looks healthy, though I hear it's going to close this summer so that whole block can be remade into another office building.


TS Muttley's: Painting the walls green does not make it an Irish pub. It's a great laidback space, but there's nothing Irish about it.

Fritz: Don't forget about the Guinness posters.


RE: Wedding Venue: I'd go with Mayflower... not only is it the most beautiful place in town, I remember them having very good food. Although the best food in town is either at the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton/Tysons.

Ask for some samples... what better way to decide!;

Janet: Good advice. Thanks for the input on asking for samples.


Penn Quarter, Washington, D.C.: Where can one find a Pimm's Cup in downtown DC?

Fritz: Alexa and I think it's far too cold out for a Pimms.

But when it's warmer, I like them at the bar at Indique.


Eyebrow Stringing: Its called threading. I just got it done last week and I love it. It was quick, less painful than waxing and the hair is growing back thinner and not as quickly. Plus my eyebrows have a great arch shape!;

I went to Shear Shack in Alexandria but if you want something in DC try Threads on 16th and L Street.

Janet: If you want your brows threaded, here are some places to try. Where's Shear Shack -- what street?


Adams Morgan: RE: Hairstylist: I shouldn't give him so mnay props, as it might make it hard for me to get in for my own hair, but Demian is fantastic. I let him do whatever whenever i go in - the only specification i give is that i like to keep my hair long - and i love it everytime. Also, for the curly haired girl, I recommended Demian to my curly-haired friend (because he himself has curly hair) adn she came out looking gorgeous. He'll listen to what you want and make it happen and will recommend if you have no idea.

Janet: Raves for Demian; he can do curly heads, too.


Washington, DC: For the Curly Head: I go to Anna at Trim in Adam's Morgan, and she is a genius with my naturally curly hair. Not to mention the fact that she does my color just right.

Janet: On the other hand, Anna at Trim is a good bet, too, apparently.


Desperate in Bethesda, MD: OK Gurus, I'm desperate for your help. I've lived in DC for 7 months and haven't had a single decent experience at a club or a bar. I love live music, especially Celtic or Blues music, but I don't drink. The few bars I've tried asked me leave if I wasn't drinking or forced me to buy and then throw away to hit a drink minimum (non-alcoholic drinks don't count toward the minimum). My nightlife currently consists of listening to the radio at home or going to a movie. This is no way for a 28 year old to live, Help!;

Joe: What?? That is so strange. Outside of Blues Alley, I can't even think of a bar or club that has drink minimums. Usually, if you pay a cover you don't also have to meet a drink or food minimum. What clubs did you go to?

I can say for certain that you won't be charged a drink minimum at places like Madam's Organ (fun blues on Fridays and Saturdays) Iota, Birchmere, Black Cat, 9:30 or most other places I know about.


Conference Call Hell, USA: Quick question about Cafe Citron.

I've been there for happy hour before, but never during prime hours (Friday night). Any dress code issues? Their web site says "cassual -sic] elegant" but that means nothing to a 30-something male. Will I be OK in jeans and a nice shirt? Any light you can shed would be (as always) appreciated.

Fritz: Jeans and a button-down shirt will be fine. You sometimes see guys in there in t-shirts, but I think they must know someone.


Hotel Banquets...:

I have been involved with events at all three of them and the food really isn't that different between any of them (when preparing food for hundreds of people, its hard to be spectacular IMO). However, the staff at the Mayflower is top notch and always handled every last minute crisis with grace and understanding and humor. The others were great too, but the Mayflower stands out in my mind.

Janet: More on wedding banquet food ...


re: Aspen Hill MD's question: Maryam at Skin Savvy Spa on Connecticut a few blocks north of the Dupont Circle north metro exit does the eyebrow threading you were asking about. Cheers.

Janet: Another venue for eyebrow threading. Thanks.


Arlington, Va.: Thoughts on Olive? I don't know what the scene is. But I've heard the name a few times.

Alexa: Do you mean Olives? Just yesterday we were saying how much we liked the bar, but not hugely the food. The bar is glam and moody.


Too short to wear cute jeans in Washington, DC: While we're on the topic of jeans, can anyone recommend specific designers that make the upscale jeans in shorter lengths? There is just something about having to pay tailor fees on top of $175+ that I can't stomach. Alternatively if there are any retail locations that do alterations free with purchase, that would be helpful.

Janet: Jeans for the height challenged? Anyone know?


Small Town, Florida: I will be in DC March 5-9. Are any of the Galleries or Museums having any after hour events those days? Any special exhibits at any of the museum that shouldn't be missed?

Anne: Modernism has a strong showing in D.C. now, with Andre Kertesz at the National Gallery, Isamu Noguchi at the Hirshhorn. If you haven't been here lately, pay a visit to the National Museum of the American, which opened last year. The after-hours programs within your timeframe fall on Sunday night, when both the National Gallery (6:30 at the West Garden Court) and the Phillips Collection (5 p.m.) host free concerts. You could also start at the Phillips early to see the Modigliani exhibit.


Washington, DC: Hello, I am so embarrassed for asking this question. But I don't know who to turn to regarding this: I am looking for lingerie stores who would sell paded undergarments otherwise known as Butt Enhancers. I have tried Victoria Secret and they do not have them. I have tried Frederik's of Hollywood but they only have one kind. Macy;s and Nordstroms don't have them. Can you please tell me what other stores I can try? Thank you so very much.

Joe: No one else here wants to answer this, but I think it's an important topic and one that we should address on a weekly basis. Anyone have advice or store recommendations to help the butt-challenged in DC?


Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.: So what's happening this Saturday evening in NW DC? I'm looking for a nice loungey spot or a smaller venue (i.e. not DREAM or H2O) that will be playing some good hip hop.

Love you!!


Rhome: Saturday night is a wide open void for chill, progressive hip-hop events. Somebody has to fill it soon because folks are struggling these days. It's just common knowledge that Saturday is a wrap if that's what you're looking for. You could try Modern.


Re: Wedding chats: You should tell the bride-to-be to log on to theknot.com. They have a local chat board and she can post all her questions there to an audience that is just as focused on weddings as she is, and get great advice (this from another chick in the midst of planning).

Janet: From one bride-to-be to another, take note:


Arlington, VA: Hey Gurus,

Can you help me with some good ideas for a bachelorette party? We're in our late twenties, don't want to deal with the college scene and a bunch of interns, and want to stay in one or two locales the whole night (traveling from club to bar to club is not our thing) - preferably some place fun but nicer than your average adams morgan bar. We were thinking of hitting bluegin in Georgetown, or Ozios, but they're so overdone - is there any other place you might recommend that isn't snooty but isn't nasty, plays very danceable songs, and where we can get on the wait list so that we don't have to waste our evening (and the bride-to-be's) waiting outside in a line?


Fritz: Don't know what night you're talking about, but how about Modern? You can call ahead to get on the list. I'd recommend you start with drinks at Mie N Yu or Degrees early before moving over there.


Washington, DC: Great Gurus - I know you've listed it before, but now I did not keep and now need -the list of hotels and/or resturaunts in the metroplitan area that serve a traditional afternoon tea. I'd like to take my 3 nieces (18-25) out to a swanky, upscale joint as a special treat. Thanks

Alexa: Pour over this list.


College Park, MD: Hey Gurus.. I'm looking to escape the UMD campus this Saturday with a special girl, and I 'd like to spend the afternoon with her somewhere downtown (Adams Morgan..wherever) that's cozy, comfortable, and good for people-watching. Maybe a coffeehouse? But preferrably something more eclectic than Starbucks.. Thanks!; -Steve

Jen: Have you been to Tryst? It can get loud and crowded in the evenings, but during the afternoon it should make for a comfortable hang-out. Plus it's in Adams Morgan, so you can always go for a stroll if you get bored.


Washington, DC: I have like 8 items to mat and frame and not so much money to do it. I vaugely remember you all mentioning a cheap place in DC. Am I just making this up with wishful thinking?

Janet: I think I recall that, and the most popular suggestion was going to Michael's,where they have lots of low-cost supplies for framing pictures.


Logan Circle, D.C.: I was wondering where are some good places for someone to smoke a hookah (aka waterpipe). I used to go to Prince of Georgetown, but it is not the same since it changed its name from Marjan.

Thanks so much!;

Fritz: Chi-Cha or Soussi


Alexandria, VA: Where is a good place to go out for drinks in a modern atmosphere in Mid-town DC without paying a cover?

Fritz: Eyebar has a cool modern design and decent (not mind-blowing) drinks. Just make sure you call ahead -- 202-785-0270 -- and get put on the guest list before heading down, or you may have to wait or pay a cover.


Centreville, VA: What's Carpool in Herndon like these days...was there a few years ago. Just looking for relaxed, young atmosphere, pool tables, and music.

Fritz: That's about it. Place hasn't changed much.


Is It True?: Rhome (Hip-Hop Guru):

So I've heard the Handsome Boy Modeling School and a few members from the West Coast hip-hop group Hieroglyphics are coming to the 9:30 club on April 17.

However, there is nothing on the 9:30 club's website that mentions this concert.

Can you confirm or deny the rumours?

Rhome: Their site through Atlantic Records does list this show. The 9:30 Club is usually sharp with their scheduling, although that night is indeed open on their site currently. I'd say keep an eye on the 9:30 site and on Tickets.com. I trust both of them more than I trust a record label.


Want to be a bartender!;: Hi everyone!; I have kind of a strange question to ask you but since you spend so much time visiting hot spots, can you tell me what employers are looking for in the bartenders they hire? Its a hard job to come by without other experience besides the bartending courses. What do you like in your favorite bartenders? Thanks!;!;!;!;

Fritz: The best way to become a bartender is to ask your favorite how they got their start. Most of the men/women I know started by bar-backing for a more experienced bartender, and -- surprise -- most never went to a formal bartending school. (My college roommate did, though, and wound up bartending in Paris and Oxford. Go figure.)


Washington, DC: On Saturday afternoon the Kennedy Center is hosting a concert by a quartet comprised of some of the most stellar musicians (instrumentalists and a vocalist) from the classical Persian tradition. It promises to be equal parts longing, mystery, and rump-shaking pyrotechnics. It will be an amazing concert, and and even more so given the contemporary political climate.

Joe: Thanks. Here's the event to which you're referring.


Washington, DC: I heard that there was a fire at Felix yesterday, in the Spy Lounge. Any word?

Fritz: I blogged about this yesterday, Washington. A fire started in the offices above Spy, and part of the ceiling collapsed. I'm told it's going to be closed for about three months, though Felix is apparently undamaged and will be open for business tonight.


Arlington, VA: Hi, gurus!; How about this? Second date set up for lunch on Saturday. Too cold for anything outside, would prefer to avoid museums and movies since I want to be talk talk talking. I'm thinking 2 Amys for pizza....but then what? Any suggestions in the area???

Anne: It's an easy walk to the National Cathedral from there. And that's a "museum" that doesn't mean no talking, probably just whispering, depending where you are. So intimate, whispering. And after eating at 2 Amys, where (in my experiences) everyone else is talk talk talking so loudly, whispering might be a pleasant change. The chic food makes it a good date, though. And the cathedral is big enough that you can wander to warm up, or risk it strolling through the close.


Silver Spring, MD: Hi Gurus!; I am a late 20's single woman that often finds my friends out of town or busy doing other things on the weekends. I feel kind of weird going to bars solo. Is this normal? I have done it before with success, but it feels awkward. What are some good strategies for single chicks looking for a good time alone. I am thinking mostly in regards to going to bars or dancing.

Fritz: Okay. Asked a female friend who goes to bars solo (since it's different than when I, as a male, do it). Her response:

I'm not sure. Weekends aren't usually conducive to sitting and chatting with the bartenders or reading, which is what I do in bars alone. I think if you're at one of the more specialized dance clubs like Five (depending on the DJ) on Saturdays, or Red, you'd be perfectly comfortable dancing alone.

My (Fritz's) top spots for women hitting the bar alone: Galaxy Hut, Aroma, Bedrock Billiards, the Reef, Gazuza ...


Re: Shear Shack and Other Eyebrow Places: Shear Shack:

6552 Little River Turnpike (703) 642-1113


1424 L St NW (202) 737-7710

Janet: Thanks for the addresses.


Madison, NJ: Where can a brother learn how to dance hip-hop. Got to get the groove on before I strut myself into some of the happening clubs of D.C.!;

Rhome: You don't need to know how to dance, just pull up your pants and do the rockaway. You can Lean Back can't you? Basically, the days of sweating out your rayon shirt because you're Roger Rabbitting all over the dancefloor are over. It's not cool for dudes to dance, although I gleefully violate that dictum as often as possible. In most mainstream hip-hop clubs, you just need to move enough (2-step to the beat while holding your drink just so) to keep time with the derriere that is hopefully parked in front of you. Sad ain't it? If that's not good enough for you, you can watch a whole lot of videos or take a class or two at one of the major dance studios in town, like this one. I still haven't warmed up to the idea of learning street dance in a studio but I'm old school and slightly crotchedy.


Washington, DC: Just my two cents on the discussions:

Habitat for Humanity will pick up donated furniture, but there may be a significant wait to get a pick up time.

Personally, I didn't like Nail Villa. It was a painful pedi and not the fastest either. I like the ones that the new girl at Skin Beauty Lounge does better, and they are fast as well. She is very good and professional at what she does and very responsive to requests for how you'd like your nails done.

Also, I've seen a huge bowl of melted chocolate at Godiva in the Pentagon City Mall. They use it for strawberries but I am sure the girls there would be happy to help out a guy who wants to dip a diamond necklace. Or just melt some chocolate in a double boiler (you can use a makeshift one with two pots of different sizes) and do it yourself at home.

Janet: Thanks, D.C. for all that input.


Re: Designer jeans for the vertically challenged: I too am short and find that I love wearing Seven jeans. I found jeans with the correct height that I needed on ebay and the transaction was very smooth. Also, if you do need jeans tailored, I went to Tyson's tailors (just outside the second level of Bloomingdale's in Tysons corner). It was $15/pair. Hope this helps.

Janet: Thanks for that advice.


RFK, Washington DC: Hey Gurus, where can I find Nationals items for sale? I'm looking for collectors items rather than hats and tees. Any ideas?

Also, where can I find DC related gifts for kids? Have a nephew turning one soon who lives in Indiana and I need gift ideas. Help?


David: Your best bet is to check out the store near RFK Stadium. They should have just about every official Nationals-related item. But if they don't have what you're looking for, then just go to the team's shop on the MLB Web site. Tons of stuff there.


Washington, DC: I thought I remembered you saying in a previous chat that the Mandarin Oriental has a great tea. I looked on their website and didn't see anything. Am I going crazy or did you guys recommend this? Do you know approx how much it would be per person?

Thanks so much!; You guys are so helpful!;

Alexa: Yes, Cafe Mozu does a fine tea. We went and declared the scones the best we'd ever had (and I know scones). But it's spendy: around $40, I think. But you won't want a lick of dinner.


Falls Church, Va.: Re: Framing -- if you want to have someone do it for you don't go to Michael's -- its a rip off -- there's a great framing place in Arlington at the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed -- amazingly affordable.

Janet: For the person in search of a inexpensive way to frame his pics, here's an affordable suggestion.


Arlington, VA: Hello GOG's!;!; Some friends of mine read about DC9's Liberation Dance Party on Friday nights? They play a really awesome mix of alt/indie/80's new-wave and rock music. It sounds really cool. Have you guys heard anything about it? What kinda place is DC9? Thanks for your help!;!;

Rhome: Liberation Dance Party: I haven't been yet but I'm pretty much a fan of anything that happens at DC9. It really is the Metro Cafe of today. A bit dingy but comfortably so, with just the right configuration of a small space where a few people can turn the room into a pretty happening party. You can't lose by giving it a try.


Jewelery Repair::

Check on Greenan & Sons and talk to Eddie Greenan. My fiance had my engagement ring designed and made there, they have been fabulous ever since. A long standing family owned company. Locations in Springfield,VA (Backlick Road) they also have a location in MD - maybe Bethesda or Rockville?

Janet: For the person who wanted a special ring fixed ...


Washington, DC: I was a guest at a big wedding at the Mayflower and it was one of the best weddings I've been to. I know this has a lot to do with the couple, etc. (and I'm sure it cost a boat load) but was impressed with how they handled the food (spread out, not one long line) and the set-up was very reception conducive. I know vegetarians get the raw end of the deal, but umm .. most people aren't vegetarians or have experienced the "vegetarian" who just means they don't eat red meat, so an explanation is nice. No cattiness required.

Janet: More about the Mayflower and weddings...


Clarendon: Midtown Barcrawl this Saturday....which bars are not to be missed? Going to try to make at least 5....and have a group of about 50 other peeps going so we need a plan of attack!;


Fritz: On that list, the only ones I'd encourage people to hit (if they haven't already) are Porter's and Mackey's. Sign of the Whale isn't bad if you like narrow little pubs. The Black Rooster is an odd place, but it's a nice if you want to grab a drink and play darts. Toka is too inconsistant.

Then again, if you're going in the afternoon, you're not going to get a sense of what these places are really like -- Recessions won't be filled with interns and non-profit folks at 4 p.m., you know?


Montgomery County, MD: I'm looking for an "over 30 club" where my wife and I can go for drinks and dancing. I've heard of the Bethesda Yacht Club but don't know anything about it. Any comments or suggestions? BTW, we are WAY over 30 but are looking for a more mature place than the teens and 20 somethings. The greater DC area is good.

Jen: I've never been to the Yacht Club, but I think it's more for over 30s who are trying to meet other over 30s. You could still give it a shot; truthfully, there aren't many dance options in the Bethesda area.

Fritz also suggests Blackie's downtown or eCiti's in Tysons. If you don't care about the dancing part and just want to relax with some drinks, in Bethesda you could try Cafe Europa or the bar at Morton's.


Washington, DC: what's the address of the blog Fritz keeps mentioning?

Fritz: The Going Out Gurus Blog


Washington, DC: Do you think Old Crow Medicine Show at the 930 Club on March 16 will sell out?

Fritz: Dunno, but I really want to go. Saw those guys at the Opry a few years ago while visiting folks in Nashville, and I was really impressed. Young guys playing great old-time bluegrass.


Arlington, VA - For the stressed out bride: I wouldn't use the Omni Shoreham for a wedding. Though it is a beautiful place, I do meetings and have had little luck with them. I would suggest the Westin or the Mayflower. I am consistently impressed with Westins.

Janet: For the bride, some comments on the Omni Shoreham ...


Washington, DC: My company just sent around an email saying our street is going to be closed tomorrow so some film crews can park their production vehicles. We're on Brandywine street, near the Tenleytown metro.

Any ideas what movie is filming here tomorrow? Or, more importantly, what stars might be around?

Jen: I'm afraid I don't have a clue. Anyone else have the scoop?


Bethesda Tailor: Questions about good places to get clothes altered seem to pop up here often. I'm picking a bunch of things up today at a place in Bethesda that seems like it would do a great job. I promise to report back next week on the actually quality. In the meantime, you don't need to tip tailors, do you? The alternations are pricey, but I don't want to stiff them or be impolite.

Janet: Don't know what Emily Post or Miss Manners would say, but in my experience, there's no need to tip tailors!


Washington, DC: Hello GOGs,

Where can a young-at-heart 30-something married couple go for drinks, food, and dancing? Did I mention we love hip-hop, R&B, and Reggae?

Rhome: Juste Lounge or Bukom. If you do the latter, plan on it being a late night and don't get dressed up nor expect to have much space to work with. The live reggae band skanking along almost in your lap makes up for the spare, tight quarters. A plate of jollof rice and a couple of Bukom bombs and you'll feel like you're on your first date again.


Capitol Hill: Hi GOGs,

My coworkers and I are getting tired of going to Cap City near Union Station every time we go to happy hour, but we can't find anything else around here. We're contemplating expanding our range a few Metro stops over to the Chinatown/MCI area or Dupont, but before we do that, can you tell me if there's anything we're overlooking in our neck of the woods? It doesn't need to be anything like Cap City, we're just looking for good drink specials and maybe food, and a fun atmosphere. We tried the Dubliner but we were the youngest by about 20 years...

Fritz: How about Lounge 201? Half-price martini specials, good flatbread pizzas. Also, I really like the Flying Scotsman on 2nd Street. Great place for single malt Scotches, burgers and imported beers.


Washington, D.C.: D.C.: Butt enhancers.. a friend of mine got her butt enhanced c/o of Hecht company.

Joe: Excellent. Thanks for this valuable advice.


Re: Hip Hop Dancing: Take a class at a local gym.

Golds Gym offers Hip Hop and a Latin/hip-hop class called Zumba. Been taking both for months and I love them, get my exercise and have learned how to groove.

Rhome: That's real cool and all, but if you step to me or my homegirl Jen, you MIGHT JUST GET SERVED!

*strikes a b-boy stance*


Springfield, VA: Fritz, What the heck is Budweiser Select? Is it just re-labeling A.B. World select that maybe sold 2 cases nationwide?

Fritz: Nope. It's "low carb" Budweiser, a thought that fills me with dread and loathing.


Falls Church, VA: Tonight is my father's birthday. I've been entertaining my folks for nearly a week and I'm out of ideas. Any fun, moderately things we can do that is metro accessible?


Baffled in FC

Anne: What kind of night are you looking for? At the the Phillips Collection's (free) Artful Evenings talk tonight, hear about the development of Modigliani's style from associate curator Elsa Smithgall. Talks are at 6 and 7. There are lots of good deals for tonight's theater tix to be found at Ticketplace, even $3.70 tix for a French cabaret singer. Right near tonight's reopening Cap City, too.


Bethesda, MD: Any of you into fantasy baseball? I understand that there are some seminars around town to get ready for the season. Do you have any info?

David: Sorry to say that you missed "the big one," sponsored by Baseball HQ, which was last Thursday in Arlington. I'm not aware of any others, and frankly, I'm a little embarrassed that I knew about that one. But here are some tips. Just make sure to get Oliver Perez, Mark Teixeira, and Brad Wilkerson (gotta have a National), and you'll be well on your way to victory. And Baseball Prospectus is a really, really great book to pick up if you love tons of numbers that you probably can't comprehend and want to get all analytical.


Chevy Chase, Md.: I used to run in Rock Creek Park all the time, but recvently moved to Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights (right by Mazza) and would like to start running again. I have heard about the crescent trail, but dont know how long it is, or where I can pick it up? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Anne: The trail swings wide around Friendship Heights. I guess the best way to get there would be to take Western to River (right on River) and the trail actually crosses over River on a bridge. There must be a way to pick it up where it crosses, though I've never tried. How far do you want to run? Another trail -- dirt, not paved, can be picked up if you go south on Wisconsin and turn right on Van Ness. You'll see the grassy area coming out of the woods (behind the McDonalds?, I think). That takes you down into Glover Archbold Park, a zippy place to explore.


Shirlington, VA: My friend and her boyfriend are coming to DC from

NJ this weekend. She wants to go out but just got

foot surgery awhile ago, so I don't think she's up for

standing up too long or dancing. Where's a good bar

or lounge where four of us can drink, sit down, and

possibly hear some live music and still hear

ourselves? We'd like to stay in Alexandria, Arlington,

or DC.

Rhome: Try Staccato (quirky local live acts) or Guarapo (south american music).


The Going Out Gurus: Thank you all for yet another rip-roarer. Back in this slot again next week.


Source : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A60396-2005Feb28.html

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