30 Great Things That Happened In India In 2017

With the new year rolling in slow and easy, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2018. And while you think you’re done with your reflection over the past year with these 30 great things that happened in India in 2017, there’s another great thing (or not) which happened that you don’t know about – India claimed third position in the list of countries consuming porn on Pornhub, climbing one position up from last year.

So how did India search for porn in 2017?

The folks over at Pornhub revealed their annual Year in Review for 2017 and you may be surprised at the results. USA continues to stand first and UK holds the number two spot. But with 28.5 billion visitors which sums up to an average of 81 million people per day, India (which rounded off the top three) sure seems to have got its fair share of porn for the year.

Sunny Leone was the most searched porn star on Pornhub.


You may have known this but you’re allowed to feel surprised: Sunny Leone was the top searched person on Pornhub. Unsurprising, because she was also the most googled Bollywood actress of 2017. Mia Khalifa, who has also retired from the porn industry was the second most popular person among Indians. And while more than 126 million videos of Sunny Leone were viewed in 2017 alone, the third most searched for celeb on Pornhub was, somewhat bafflingly, Katrina Kaif.

Trending searches from India included ‘HD Hindi’ and ‘Indian HD’

porn hub watching

Thanks to Internet penetration, inexpensive data plans and smartphones getting more accessible than ever, searches such as ‘HD Hindi’ and ‘Indian HD’ saw a rise of 1,822 per cent and 1,273 per cent in 2017, as compared to the previous year.

MILF and Threesome were the top viewed categories

Threesome Vicki Cristina Barcelona

Threesome remains on top of most men’s list of sexual fantasies; obviously this came through with ‘Threesome’ rounding off the top five most popular  categories in India. The top viewed category in India was, somewhat predictably, ‘MILF’. Also among the top five most viewed categories were (ahem) ‘Big Dick’, ‘Lesbian’ and ‘Babe’. Indians also viewed the ‘Arab’ category on the rise more than anyone else on the planet… 165 per cent more than the global average to be precise.

And our fascination with Indian Bhabhis continues


Among the top searches were terms ‘indian wife’, ‘indian college’ and ‘indian bhabhi’. Worldwide, ‘Indian’ was the 19th most searched category, jumping 13 positions from last year with a 57 per cent increase.

This is how long we lasted on the site


The average time spent per session across the world is 9 minutes 59 seconds. But the time spent in India was recorded at just 8 minutes 20 seconds per session. Philippines topped the list with 13 minutes 28 seconds. That must hurt.

More women hit up Pornhub than ever before


Out of the total number of Pornhub users in India, 30 per cent are women. As far as female visitors are concerned, India’s female visitors on the website increased the most out of any other country compared to last year, by 129 per cent.

And the average age of Indians on Pornhub is 30

Picture of a Hook up
How might a man choose to delay his happy finish?

According to the report, a breathtaking 51 per cent of Indian users on Pornhub are between the age groups of 18 and 24 years. So, while the global average age of Pornhub users is 35, India’s average age (and we suspect it may have something to do with the country being among the youngest in the world) is just 30.

How does India watch porn?


On the mobile phone, of course. Thanks, in part to cheap data plans and inexpensive mobile phones, a whopping 87 per cent Indians watched porn on their mobile phones. This is a 15 per cent increase from last year. Just 13 per cent Indian still continued to use the desktop to consume porn.

Holi > Porn


Sure,  New Year’s Eve witnessed a 12 per cent drop on the site, but the least traffic on the site was on Holi which fell on March 12, 2017 when Pornhub saw a 16 per cent decrease in traffic, proving that if there’s one thing that Indians love more than pornography, it’s Holi!


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Source : https://www.gqindia.com/content/pornhub-india-porn-2017/

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