33 Easy AF Nail Art Designs

Nail artist pro, Sophy Robson has teamed up with England Netball to encourage young women to play more sport. Sophy's brief was to create designs to suit short nails. Our favourite? Tangerine dream. Want to create the fabulous dotty look yourself? Follow these tips:

1. Start off by trimming your nails down short and filing the edges so they are round and smooth. You're now ready to get started – and the umpire will be happy too!

2. First, apply a base coat to the nail to smooth out any uneven texture. Then, add your base colour. We've opted for a sporty tangerine base that will really help you to stand out as a sporting star!

3. Once your base colour is dry, you can start working up your dream dots. Choose two contrasting colours to really bring your look to life – we've opted for red and blue. Starting closest to your cuticle, use a dotting tool to layer up the first half of your nails with pretty red polka dots. Try to keep them nice and neat at equal distances apart.

4. Once the first half of your nail is complete, finish working down the nail with your dotting tool using the blue colour to complete the look.

Sophy's top tip: Never dip your dotting tool directly into your varnish bottle. Instead, set your brush upside-down on a flat surface and use the excess paint clinging to the brush. This will help to keep your tools clean and ensure you don't use too much paint and smudge your dots.

We want to see your attempts. Tweet your pics to @CosmopolitanUK. Don't forget the hashtag: #NetballNails.

Source : http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/beauty-trends/g2926/easy-nail-art-designs-ideas/

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