7 Epic Nail Art Designs You Can Do At Home

If you love to collect pretty nail polishes but don’t know how to use them to create gorgeous nail art, then these tips are going to change your world and give you hours of fun.

You don’t need to splash out on a professional manicure every time you want fancy nails – just play around at home honing your technique.

Groovy nail art looks don’t have to be difficult – minimalist is in. Here are seven epic nail art designs that you can do yourself at home…

Art Deco

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This Art Deco-inspired design is easy to achieve (and visually stunning) if you have the right tools – so pick up some small, thin nail art brushes from Amazon.

Paint your nails using a pale pink polish and leave them to dry, before outlining your nails with black nail polish using one of the thin specialist brushes.

Finally, paint a rectangle on each nail in silver polish and outline this in black to make the edges neat and sharp.


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You can use your new brushes to do this Tetris-inspired look too.

Paint your nails with a white polish and leave to dry, then use the thin brushes to paint on some free-hand inter-locking rectangles and triangles in different bright colours.

Finish by gluing on some small studs to the corners of some of the shapes with nail art glue, which you can also get from Amazon.


Blue is the new marble 🔹

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You can do this look in blue, or the traditional black, white and grey.

Paint your nails one at a time with the lightest shade first, then before it dries, dip small pieces of cotton wool into each of the other two colours separately and dab these over the top to create a marbled effect.

Leave this to dry then make the surface even with a layer of clear top coat.


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Paint some of your nails in alternating pastel colours and then the rest of them in a light French Manicure-style nude polish. Once these are dry, you can start to do the flower detail onto the nude nails.

snow globe nails>Snow globe nails are the latest beauty trend to obsess over but never actually try

If you have some tacking pins in your sewing kit, the balls on the ends of these are great for stamping small circles onto your nails – use yellow circles for the centres of the flowers and stamp colourful ones around these for petals.

Negative Space


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Negative space manicures are really in at the moment. Paint your nails in a polish that’s just slightly tinted to even out the colour of your natural nail, then fill in your half-moons with white polish and paint the rest of your nail down to the top of the half-moon (and round it off) with a different colour.

The negative space left on your nails is really eye-catching and bang on trend.


Geometric nails design color used: -risky behavior @orlynails -be daring -push the limit . Matte top coat @opi_products

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Grab three of your most brightly coloured and contrasting polishes, then apply a small piece of masking tape to each nail to section off an area and fill it in with one of the shades.

When these are dry, peel off the masking tape.

Now, apply a new piece of masking tape to maintain the sharp edge you have just made and apply another piece parallel to it to section off another area.

Fill this second space in with a different colour and leave to dry. Finally, repeat this for the final section of each nail.


First time doing newspaper nails😂😅 -Maya

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Tear up some small pieces of newspaper that are covered in text, then paint your nails with white nail polish.

Don’t let your nails dry, but leave them for a minute or two until they are at that tacky stage.

Press the text side of a newspaper piece down onto the nail and the text will transfer over.

Finally, seal the text print in there with a clear top coat.

Laura Pearson-Smith is founder and blogger at fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog A Life With Frills.

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7 epic nail art designs you can do at home
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