Are Weed Manicures The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

The totally legal, marijuana-infused service just might pop up at a salon near you.

Getting my nails done has never been a novelty. With my first barista paycheck in 2005, I got a set of acrylics and a pedicure, and the rest is history. My family has blamed my occasional financial irresponsibility on my nail obsession, nicknaming me “the best nails on the bus” when I couldn’t afford a car but would never miss a manicure appointment. I’ve gotten my nails done in Tokyo and Beverly Hills, New Orleans and Bushwick; I am partial to hole-in-the-wall, cheap (but quality) places where I can build a relationship with a nail tech I like and become blindly loyal. But my years of preference went out the window when I heard about the Canna-Cure service at Bellacures salons recently — and yes, that’s “Canna” as in cannabis.

On the first day of winter in Los Angeles (read: 55 degrees), I headed to the Larchmont location of Bellacures nail spa in three sweaters to attempt to have the most relaxing mani-pedi of all time, the Canna-Cure. The $50 manicure and $55 pedicure both feature a soak, scrub and lotion including CBD, the non-psychoactive element in marijuana. The products, available to the public but often sold out, are all by the female-owned cannabis business Kush Queen.

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Are Weed Manicures the Next Big Thing in Beauty?
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