Awesome Reasons And Ideas For Indian Couples To Have Guest Book At Their Wedding

Remember the scene from Dear Zindagi where Alia Bhatt gets irked on seeing a couple in love, casually strolling down the parkway hand-in-hand, murmuring sweet nothings to each other? If around Valentine’s Day you are in the same head-space then let us tell you, “You are not alone!”. Couples clinging to each other like ivy can get really annoying, especially if you are single. But hey, you are young, free and gorgeous and you can still have a blast.

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To make your day fun, we have a few ideas for you:

Throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party: Keep ‘Love Hurts’ as the theme of the party and definitely avoid decorations in red and pink. Ask your guests to get creative as possible with their costumes or request them to dress up as their favourite character who’s totally against love or gone through heartbreaks – for instance Devdas. Keep a reward for the best dressed, throw in some good drinks and great music, and you have a stellar party!

Enjoy watching a movie in the bed and eating popcorn. (Source: Thinkstock images) Enjoy watching a movie in the bed and eating popcorn. (Source: Thinkstock images)

Plan a movie night: This one is a fail-proof idea and is sure to keep you engaged and away from all those clingy couples. The best option would be to plan a movie marathon with your girlfriends with big tubs of popcorn to keep you company but if you don’t want to be sitting at home then you can head out for back-to-back movies at the theatre. Sounds like a plan, no?

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Treat yourself to good food on Valentine's Day. (Source: Thinkstock Images) Treat yourself to good food on Valentine’s Day. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

Have a foodie night: Go hit all those places that you have always wanted to go to. If money is the problem then plan accordingly but make sure that you don’t end up trying everything at one place. Have a seven-course meal if you will, but just make sure you are doing it while being all over the city. Most importantly, take a friend who shares the same enthusiasm.

Enjoy some soulful music and replenish your soul (Source: Thinkstock images) Enjoy some soulful music and replenish your soul (Source: Thinkstock images)

Plan some awesome alone-time: If you really want to avoid socialising and just want some quality time with yourself then we suggest you prepare a good meal and bring out that favourite bottle of wine as well. If you are a teetotaller then maybe you can try and make a mocktail for yourself, something like an Irish Espresso or plain coffee shots. You can also throw in a few guy-bashing movies. If rendezvous in the kitchen is not what you are looking out for then you can order-in and simply curl up in your bed with a good book.

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Treat yourself to a spa: If work’s been stressing you out lately and now these lovey-dovey couples have added fuel to the fire, then we suggest you treat yourself to some really good pampering. Book a spa appointment and let the therapists work their magic!

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