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Coolest Spa Treatment: Bliss FatGirl Shrink Treatment

Walking into the treatment room at Bliss Spa SoHo for their new FatGirl Shrink, a detox treatment that promises to help you lose inches instantly, is a bit like walking into Dr. Frankenstein's lair — there's a lot of wires and some weird substances you're not quite sure you want to ask the origin of. After stripping down and donning paper skivvies, your technician will measure your hips, waist, and thighs. They then apply a thermal clay mask to your tummy, butt, and thighs and have you lay down on a table, where cool cloths are draped over you and small, wire-connected pads are strategically placed around your body. The technician then flips on the machine and you are struck by a gentle stinging sensation, akin to being attacked by a very tiny, very angry hoard of hornets. This sensation is the stimulating current that's coursing through your muscles, tensing and toning them as it encourages the lymphatic drainage of toxins. After 30 minutes of this mildly annoying sensation, the pads are removed and your technician will measure you again. This is where things get nuts — after just one treatment, we saw an overall reduction of 2.5 inches off of our entire body. Inches people. Of course it doesn't last for more than a few days, but the feeling of being able to comfortably slip into those too-tight jeans for the first time is so gratifying that you might find yourself signing up for a frequent buyer package.

Bliss Spa Soho, 568 Broadway, 2nd Floor; 877-862-5477.

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