Best Buy Lets Customers Try Out New Tech At Home Before They Purchase

The electronics chain is letting customers rent specific items for a small monthly fee, with no obligation to buy them

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 19 june 2017

Have you ever wanted to try out the latest gadget before investing your hard-earned cash? Best Buy wants to help customers do so by letting them rent wearables, audio devices, cameras and more. In partnership with the startup Lumoid, Best Buy will now offer a rental option for certain items online, which will direct customers to the Lumoid site to input their information and receive the product for a small monthly fee.

Customers earn about 20% of the item’s price in Best Buy credit, which can go toward buying the item if they like it, or they can simply send it back. The move gives Best Buy an advantage over online retailers like Amazon, which often have lower prices but rely on user reviews to help prospective customers make decisions. It also lets customers feel more confident in their purchase, especially when it’s a big investment. The option will be available on Best Buy’s website soon, though the company has not yet set a date.

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Lead Image: Best Buy, a katz via Shutterstock

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Best Buy Lets Customers Try Out New Tech At Home Before They Purchase
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