Best Buy Perfects Omnichannel Retail With New “Try Before You Buy” Option

If you’re a retailer looking for a way to perfect the omnichannel experience—or even just try to understand a little better what the heck omnichannel retailing even means—take a moment to look at what Best Buy has done over the past few months as they’ve drug themselves out of retail’s black hole and back into relevancy. The latest example of the big box retailer stepping firmly into the 21st Century is their new option that will allow consumers to try certain product out before they fully commit to making the purchase.

According to a report on Recode this week, Best Buy is partnering with San Francisco-based startup Lumoid to bring the tech firm’s “try before you buy” program to customers through the platform. Best Buy will prominently advertise the program on its website and then push consumers over to Lumoid’s platform. There, customers will be able to basically rent cameras, audio equipment, fitness trackers, and more to test them out for a small fee without having to commit to making the full purchase. From there, the consumer can then return the product or opt to use a portion of the rental fee towards making a purchase.

If the customer decides to purchase the product, Lumoid (presumably working with Best Buy) will ship the customer a new, unopened product.

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Best Buy Perfects Omnichannel Retail with New “Try Before You Buy” Option
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