Best Of Miami 2017: Five Best Comfort Foods To Try

Argentine restaurants are popular throughout Miami — and for good reason. Few people seem to know how to instinctively grill a piece of beef like an Argentine. The cuisine can sometimes be a predictable offering an array of steaks and pastas, which is why Lo de Lea stands out. Housed in a free-standing red building, this Argentine restaurant adds unique touches to typical fare. A steak may come with a side of bok choy or escarole, for instance, or a plate of ñoquis (the Argentine version of gnocchi) may include a sharp surprise of Asiago cheese in each potato dumpling. Even the sauces to accompany the restaurant’s selection of meats go beyond the pedestrian chimichurri with such creations as a roasted jalapeño chimichurri and Dijon-chipotle sauce.

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