Cheat Your Way To Super Cute Nails This Valentine’s Day By Following These Simple Steps

IT’S time to ditch the cards and let your nails do all the talking this V-day as we spread the love with these simple talon designs.

Celebrity manicurist Emily Schacter, has created us these two super-simple bespoke designs to get your art pumping. So whether you’re an absolute beginner or fancy yourself as a bit of an artiste there’s something for everyone…

>valentine's day nails

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Apply two layers of base coat in a colour of your choice

How do you create mini heart nails?

TIME 2 minutes (plus drying time)

Step One

Apply two coats of your base shade, we love Nails Inc Chiltern Street Gel effect Nail polish, £15 ( Allow to dry.

Emily explains: “This look is easy and effective – you can even add it to your gel or freshly polished nails if you’re rushed for time.”

Step Two

Using a dotting tool, make two dots on the tip with a contrasting colour like Rimmel 60 Seconds in Double Decker Red, £2.99 ( Emily says: “The key is to make sure the base coat dries fully to avoid any smudging.”

>Valentine's day nails

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With a dotting tool it’s easy to keep things neat

Step Three

Join the dots together to create heart shape.

Allow to dry fully to avoid smudging.

Step Four

Apply topcoat to add shine.

Emily explains: “When it comes to nail art, it always looks better finished with a high gloss topcoat.”

>valentine's day nails

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Finish off with a top coat

How do you create tiered heart nails?

TIME 5 minutes (plus drying time)

Step One

Apply two coats of your base shade, we think Nails Inc Chiltern Street Gel effect Nail polish, £15 ( works great as a base for any pink themed V-Day design, but this look is so versatile, it works with any colour. Allow to dry.

Emily explains: “This look can be adapted for all year round, it’s taking a basic three-tiered design and throwing an easy Valentine’s Day heart into the mix.”

Step Two

Using a second, darker shade (we chose to reuse the Rimmel 60 Seconds in Double Decker Red, £2.99 ( from the mini hearts mani), paint two strokes and leave the middle bare in a heart shape. Allow to dry.

Emily says: “It is really important to make sure that coats are fully dry in between tiers to avoid peeling.”

>valentine's nails

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You can easily create a heart shape with two simple strokes

Step Three

Take a third shade (this should be the darkest of the three, if you’re going for pink and red like us, The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Varnish in Red Bellious, £5 ( is a perfect choice) to repeat your heart shaped strokes just on the tip of the nail. Allow to dry.

Emily mentions: “The beauty of this look is that you won’t lose the overall effect if the tiers aren’t identical in shape.”

>valentine's day nails

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This layered rainbow effect is super eye-catching

Step Four

Apply top coat to add shine.

“Whether you’ve got two or five minutes, these manis are perfect for a statement look on the go,” says Emily.

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Cheat your way to super-cute nails this Valentine’s Day by following these simple steps
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