Could A CLEANSE Be The Perfect Way To Kickstart Your New Year? Nutritionist Reveals Why A One Day Detox Can Help Your Skin, Mind And Body After Christmas Excess

As the New Year approaches, many among us will be feeling a little tired, bloated and lacklustre.

This is why the Australian holistic chef and nutritionist, Lee Holmes, recommends it as the perfect time to try a one-day cleanse.

Here, speaking to FEMAIL, the best-selling author explained why a cleanse can give your body and mind the chance to refresh and reset.

It might also help you shift a bit of unwanted festive weight, too.

Australian holistic chef and nutritionist, Lee Holmes (pictured), spoke to FEMAIL about why this time of year is perfect for a one-day cleanse

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Could a CLEANSE be the perfect way to kickstart your New Year? Nutritionist reveals why a one-day detox can help your skin, mind and body after Christmas excess
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