Crayon Nail Art And 10 Other Back To School Nail Designs

In Dallas, it’s easy to see Leon Bridges’ style for yourself. He’s wearing a trim gray suit on the streets of Deep Ellum, busking with a man he doesn’t know. He’s at Beauty Bar on a Thursday, dancing to DJ Sober in a leopard print polo. He leans heavily on vintage pieces that he’s collected for the love of finding clothing with a backstory—like a favorite cream-and-blue plaid blazer that once belonged to a 1950s Compton preacher—plus reproductions of styles from the bygone eras that inspire him. But he also cites rapper A$AP Rocky, blues singer Tito “The Original Harlem Slim” Deler, jazz/blues/folk singer Pokey LaFarge, and roots-rockers The Texas Gentlemen as important influences, largely because their distinctive senses of style extend far beyond the status quo.

“I’ve always loved style,” Bridges says. “I remember even as a kid, I loved the whole vibe that Usher did. I loved the whole hip-hop thing—even the “Mo Money Mo Problems” video with P. Diddy.”

Bridges was born in Atlanta, but moved to Fort Worth when he was 2. He hasn’t always been a huge fan of Texas’ country western vibe, but he’s embraced it since finding musical success that’s taken him outside his adopted home. That’s not to say you won’t still find him in stores here, adding to his vintage collection at Dolly Python or Lula B’s in Dallas, picking up a Stetson shirt from Fort Worth’s W Durable Goods, or cowboy boots at Montgomery Street Antique Mall. And while he’s now best known for his musical talent, Bridges credits his background in dance and choreography as an important style point of origin. “We would have to perform certain pieces and had to go to the costume shop and pick out an outfit for that dance,” he explains. “Just being in there and seeing all of the vintage clothing rubbed off on me, and I made it up in my mind that it was something I wanted to do every day.”

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