DIY Painted Stemware


DIY wall strings/ garlands: You can make your heart shaped wall garlands or with personal messages of the colours that matches your scheme. You can also go for colourful fringes which are so on trend this season.


Wall art, DIY hangings and chandeliers: Pep-up your wall with the 3D hearts made out of simple technique with paper. Or make an arch with balloons. Make curtains made out of pom-poms or little paper hearts. You can also deck up your dining table with a chandelier made out of these.


Table supplements : Set up your table with candles and flower wreaths. Or even a vase filled with stick with hearts.


Room decor : Make your room super cosy with balloons hanging with your memorable picture while some candles and fairy tale lights lighting up your room. You can always choose stuffed pillows matching your colour theme to make it look perkier. Blow up pictures of your valentine that you may have not showed to him/her and have them clipped on the fairy lights that is running across the room.


Balcony : A balcony can used in a way with minimal things. Throw two cosy puffs white in colour with nice pink cushions and a nice cosy blanket which could be used for seating. Have those warm LED strip lights running overhead and across the plants if you have pots in the balcony. Rent a barbecue and grill together/ drink of your choice, create fun games or get a plain canvas and have your story on the canvas using colours of your choice.


Living area: A plain white cloth dyed in red colour could be used as a spread for the low seating arrangement with white cushions. A center table with a glass top is also not difficult.

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