Forget Nail Bracelets, Now There's The MIRROR Manicure: Shiny New Trend Sees Beauty Gurus Using Glittering Pigment To Create A Chic Polished Look

Mirror nails, or chrome nails, are a new and shiny nail art trend 


  • The bold look can be achieved with a highly pigmented silver powder

  • Manicure addicts have taken to social media to show off their polished look

  • By Alisha Buaya and Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia

    Published: 23:31 EST, 18 June 2016 | Updated: 23:33 EST, 18 June 2016


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    Forget nail bracelets, now there's the MIRROR manicure: Shiny new trend sees beauty gurus using glittering pigment to create a chic polished look
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