Hold Your Judgement: I'm A 'long Nails Person' And I'm Proud

 My earliest beauty memory is of a matching set of Poochie or Strawberry Shortcake branded lipstick and nail polish I owned in 1986. They were in little bullet-shaped tubes, white plastic covered in pink love hearts; the lipstick was fruit scented, and the nail polish was a transparent fluorescent pink.

To four-year-old me, that nail polish (which was effectively a clear topcoat, it was so transparent) was the last word in glamour.

Clem Bastow's nails in 2013
Clem Bastow's nails in 2013 

In fact, I have many vivid nail polish related memories, including using Mum's varnishes to repaint my Barbie dolls (1992), finally finding a bottle of Revlon "Street Wear" polish in a bargain bin and feeling like the coolest person on earth (1997), and the blue glitter polish my family worried would be "too challenging" for some conservative relatives (1999).

Given this, it's amusing to me that it took another decade or so for me to fully embrace my identity as "a nails person". Chalk it up to internalised misogyny, or just a complete lack of ambidexterity, but the '00s were a bleak time of unvarnished nails for moi; I just didn't have time for that.

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    Source : http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/hold-your-judgement--im-a-long-nails-person-and-im-proud-20171019-gz434c.html

    Hold your judgement: I'm a 'long nails person' and I'm proud
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