How Chicago Writers Have Benefited Enormously From The NEA

What's more important?

Music? Theater? Painting?


Shall we rank them in importance? Theater often requires music, but not always. Theater needs writing before it needs music. Then again, music requires writing, too. Unless we're talking improvisation. Musicians benefit from the spatial thinking that visual arts provide, but not necessarily. Visual arts can incorporate music (installation art) or theater (performance art) or even writing, but a painting on a wall may need only a nail. Writers can be playwrights and songwriters, but to be merely a writer, paper and pen is more necessary than a piano or stage. On the other hand, what does "importance" mean? Civilization can continue without theater, no? If we're forced to rebuild civilization from scratch and allowed to keep only one, which is it: A great song or a great musical?

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How Chicago writers have benefited enormously from the NEA
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