How To Do 3D Nail Art Perfectly? 2 Simple 3D Nail Tutorials!

3D Nail Art is three dimensional art done on nails. 3D nail art can be done on both natural nails as well as on extensions. Typically 3D nail art is created using acrylics.  The powder used for 3D acrylic nail art is a polymer powder which is used with a monomer liquid to create designs. And when this design comes in contact with air, it solidifies. There are many molds available to create 3D nail art designs with acrylics. Non acrylic 3D nail art can be created using rhinestones, fimo canes, dried flowers, 3D nail stickers, glue on molded acrylics designs like flowers, bow, hearts etc. All of these are easily available in market and are quite easy to use.

3D Nail Art Tutorial 1:

In this tutorial, we will show you how to do 3D nail art with non acrylic designs perfectly.


Most common type of 3D art. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can get a wheel easily for bargain prices)

What you will require:

  1. Rhinestones
  2. Regular top coat
  3. Toothpick
  4. Little water (just to dip tip of toothpick)

3D Nail Art Pinit


1. Paint your nails and let them dry completely. nail colour Pinit 2. Rhinestones can be placed using several techniques. Most common of them is to apply a regular top coat on the nail and then place a rhinestone.  They can also be placed using glue. We will use the most common method as it is most effective and easiest.  So, apply a coat of top coat. nail colour makeup Pinit 3. Now slightly dip the tip of toothpick into water and pick a rhinestone using it. You just need to take the wet toothpick near the rhinestone and it will automatically attract the toothpick and become movable. nail design Pinit 4. While the topcoat is wet, place rhinestone on the desired place. nail colour design Pinit 5. Press it lightly on the top so that it sticks to base. nail design Pinit 6. Place all the Rhinestones like this and finish it with a dry top coat. Rhinestones for nail design Pinit nail colour design Pinit

You can place almost all 3D art pieces using the above method.The difference may be in how to pick them or how to stick them to the base.

Dried Flowers:

These come in various colours and types Application is the same except these are very delicate and must be handled carefully. You can pick them using tweezers.

1.  Apply base color and let it dry.

Dried Flowers for nail arts Pinit

2.  Apply a top coat.

nail colour design Pinit 3. Using a tweezers, pick a flower from the wheel and while the top coat is wet apply the flower on the nail.

Dried Flowers for nail art Pinit 4. Gently press the petals to make it stick properly and remove any air bubble.

nail design Pinit 5. Apply fast dry/shiny top coat.

shiny top coat Pinit

Wow! A 3D flower nail art! One interesting thing here is that you can make your own dried flowers and use them.

Fimo Canes/Pieces:

These are made from ceramic clay and each cane contaisn a specific pattern or design. These can be then cut into pieces and these pieces are then applied on the nails to create 3D designs. Some pre-cut pieces are available in a wheel.

Fimo Cane Pinit

Here is a pictorial demonstration about how to apply them.

nail colour steps Pinit

Here’s the final design:

different nail colour Pinit different nail colours Pinit

On pinkie finger, we simply lined blue rhinestone.

Other than these, molded acrylic pieces like bows and hearts can be applied using glue. Nail art stickers can be applied directly on nails without the need of anything else. These can be applied on both natural as well as fake tips, acrylic or gel nails.

3D Nail Art Tutorial 2:

So let’s see what things we need for this 3D flower nail art!

Things Required:

  • Base coat (optional)
  • Light pink nail polish or skin coloured nail polish
  • White nail polish for the French tips
  • Silver caviar beads
  • Ceramic roses in white
  • Pearl beads
  • Fimo flowers in pink
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Transparent polish

Step 1:

3d flower nail art one Pinit In this 3d nail art design, we are not using any acrylic paint. Hence, the use of base coat is optional. However, it is always recommended to use a base coat before application of any nail polish because it helps to strengthen your nails making it resistant to breakage or chipping. This nail art is mainly a French tip based nail design. So it is completely your choice to use a skin coloured polish or a light pink one for the portion other than the tips. If you already have a French nail art kit with you, you can use that for this nail design. I have first used two layers of skin coloured polish and let it dry.

Step 2:

3d flower nail art two Pinit Now we need to carefully follow the curvature of the nail tips and use a white polish. When one coat of white polish has dried, we will use another coat to make the French tips look more perfect.

Step 3:

3d flower nail art three Pinit Now put a coat of transparent polish on to the first finger nail. Immediately fix a pearl bead at the top centre of the nail. Follow it by fixing silver caviar beads all along the sides of the nail as if we are creating a border. Pick caviar beads up with a toothpick by dipping the head in a little bit of transparent polish. When this is done, put another dollop of transparent polish or nail art glue at the centre of the nail. Fix a white chunky ceramic rose at this place. It should look something like the picture below.

Step 4:

3d flower nail art four Pinit Now put a thick layer of transparent polish on the next nail. Pick up a Fimo flower slice and place it right at the centre.

Step 5:

3d flower nail art five Pinit We are rocking this design now! Pick up pearl beads with the help of tweezers and place them surrounding the Fimo flower. Looks pretty, doesn’t it?

Step 6:

3d flower nail art six Pinit Follow the same technique for the next nail. For the last nail, follow the same technique as that of the first nail. Use a smaller ceramic flower for this nail. Refer the picture below for some clarity.

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Step 7:

3d flower nail art seven Pinit I have followed the same nail design on the thumb as that of the first nail design. When your design is complete it should look something like the picture below. When you are satisfied with the design, let it dry completely.

Step 8:

3d flower nail art eight Pinit Apply another layer of top coat surrounding the deco materials so used. This will make the design firmer. Let it dry completely or the chunky deco materials may fall off. Your nails are now ready to be admired! This 3D design is obviously not suitable for everyday use but you can sure flaunt it on special occasions! You can team this design with any heavy dress or sarees. You can try and work this design with a floral print summer dress too. This can be a nice bridal nail design too. Hope you enjoyed this 3D nail art design!

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And as I said you can create 3D nail art using acrylic powders but that requires hard work and expansive stuff like acrylic liquid, powders, brushes etc. 3D nail art designs are durable. You can eat, wash your hand and pretty much do anything with little attention. Hope you find this article useful and cleared some of your doubts about 3D nail art.

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