How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster. And 2016's Other Most Googled Beauty Questions Answered

How many times this year have you wondered how to braid your hair or questioned a beauty product before typing it into Google to find your answer? From beauty products and treatments to tutorials and tips, beauty is one of the most searched for categories. While there are several classic questions that appear year after year, this year's top ten most popular questions might surprise you...   

How to make your hair grow faster

After several years of the bob and the lob (long bob), it was only a matter of time before we started to long for length. Admittedly you can cheat growth with hair extensions, but if you want to keep it natural it’s best to invest in supplements. Your skin, hair and nails are the last areas of your body to receive nutrients, so you often see an improvement in the strength and shine of your tresses once you start taking them. For the best results, look to Viviscal Max Strength Supplement, £29.99, and Hair Jelly Protein Capsules, £29.95. Don’t expect to wake up with Rapunzel length locks overnight, these supplements take time and you need to be consistent with them.

Looking after your scalp can also help to maximise growth. Using simple shampoos that clean rather than smooth, straighten or gloss hair will help to keep your scalp clear rather than clogging it up with product.

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How to make your hair grow faster. And 2016's other most Googled beauty questions answered
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