Interesting Nail Trends Snakeskin Manicures 3 D And More


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While nail art is usually interesting and inspiring, it's taken a weird turn lately.

Nail trends like 3D sweater patterns and fur have spread rapidly across the Internet and the crazy doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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The most recent new nail trend to enter the scene is the pom pom manicure, which includes taking the art supply and gluing it straight onto your nail. Why? We don't know. But it certainly makes your fingers look like the floor of a crafting room.

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While pom poms are only the most recent nail trend to come about, there are plenty of others that, too, make it physically impossible to pick your nose or type easily on a computer keyboard.

Below are some of the other strangest, most impractical nail art 'trends' that are — somehow — really on real people's fingernails.

Weird nail art

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    You can wear rings on your fingers. There is seriously no need to put them on your fingernails.

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    For anyone addicted to nicotine and having zero hope of ever putting in their contact lenses with nails like this.

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    Googly eyes

    Add tiny eyeballs to your pom pom manicure to create tiny nail friends. It delights and makes it impossible to get that heeby jeebies feeling of cotton on your wet nails out of your head.

    Image: @narmai on Instagram
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    For those of you who think googly eyes are a weak substitute for actual eyeballs. All eyes will be on you at the gym or in the office if you rock these things, that's for sure.

    Image: @narmai on Instagram
  5. size=l


    They probably fall off and get stuck in all kinds of crevices in you apartment.

    Image: @mkd83189 on Instagram
  6. size=l


    Like beads, but much bigger and more obnoxious.

    Image: @facet_nails on Instagram
  7. size=l


    This is likely going to fall off the minute you try to bite into an actual cheeseburger.

    Image: @yukkiegoodwave on Instagram
  8. size=l

    Christmas ornaments

    These are actually great because they double as a comb for your knotted hair.

    Image: @leximartone on Instagram
  9. size=l

    'Diamonds' and 'pearls'

    Unless they're real and you can sell them for profit on the black market, why would you bother with this impractical style?

    Image: @blackgirlsdonails on Instagram
  10. size=l

    Mermaid tails

    Shockingly, they do not make it easier to swim long distances.

    Image: @kittygang645 on Instagram
  11. size=l


    Try masturbating with those. Seriously.

    Image: @blingmenails on Instagram
  12. size=l

    Gummy Bears

    Because wearing them is a better diet than eating them.

    Image: @britneytokyo on Instagram
  13. size=l


    They're not just for eyes anymore, apparently.

    Image: @kandiloveshernails on Instagram
  14. size=l


    Try typing with these. Really, just try.

    Image: @ciaomanhattan2012 on Instagram
  15. size=l

    Cotton candy

    Sure! Why not! Just don't use your hands to wipe yourself after using the restroom, as there's no telling where those sticks may end up.

    Image: @narmai on Instagram
  16. size=l

    This, whatever it is

    I don't know. I just don't know.

    Image: @ciaomanhattan2012 on Instagram

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, please feel free to go back to your usual, boring manicure.

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