Interesting Nail Trends Snakeskin Manicures 3 D And More

Fashion trends evolve from year to year and season to season. Just as there are ever evolving fashion trends in clothing, handbags, shoes and even hair styles, there are also interesting trends in nails.

A popular nail art company, Minx, has the motto of “extending fashion to your fingertips.” Nail trends can mean a lot more than just changing colors to coordinate with your outfit. There are a few nail trends that are really interesting and innovative.

Snakeskin manicure

This nail trend is definitely not for the regular wear or the busy mom on-the-go. Creator, Terri Silacci, was inspired by a snakeskin her child brought home from school one day. This sparked a nail trend that can cost around $300.

The process involves taking the skin that is naturally shed from a reptile. It is then cut into custom pieces that individually fit the nail bed of the client. Bio Sculpture Gel is used to adhere the skin to the nail. This coats the nail and then a dryer is used to harden the pattern. This will last around 3 weeks for a snakeskin manicure and 12 weeks for a pedicure.

3-D nail art

3-D nail art is a more commonly known practice when it comes to nail trends. Whether it’€™s the occasional added rhinestone on a French manicure or the hand painted raised design, almost everyone has had a 3-D nail art design. However, they have been taken to another level by nail artists and online companies that offer a more intricate design when it comes to 3-D nail art.

Nail piercings

Nail piercings are an interesting nail trend that adds dimension and some bling to your nails. This is done with synthetic nails, whether it’€™s plastic or acrylic. A tiny hole is punched through the very tip of the nail, usually on the right or left side. A small hoop is inserted and dangles from the nail. Hoops and rings vary, while some are plain and others are more elaborate with charms that are attached to the hoop.

Interesting nail trends can be innovative and fascinating to look at. However, the price attached to them and the upkeep associated with it can sometimes make the nail art less appealing. It’€™s interesting to know what these particular nail trends are, but the best rule to remember is that nail trends will come and go but you can never go wrong with a simple manicure.

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Interesting Nail Trends Snakeskin Manicures 3 d and more
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