Is Design A Commodity?

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The last time I saw irreversible game design is in Diablo 2. You couldn't change your talent choices. And even there, I think, this was changed in some patch. WoW always was forgiving in that aspect. The worse you could lose is some gold. You could always change your gear, specialization, talents, gems (yes, you would lose old gem, but gem is just a commodity, you can buy any of them), enchants. Even if you sold gear, there was always a system in place to help you recover that mistake. But in Legion there were relics at first, which you couldn't change without significant loss, then relic talents. It's not like you can buy the same relic on AH, if you got good relic and messed with it, you don't have an option to reverse that choice. For me it's not a good gameplay. I always liked to experiment. I could use one relic, test in in the raid, use second, compare logs. I don't have that choice now, basically I'm forced to read guides and do whatever they told me, the very thing Blizzard always didn't want to force on players.

And in next addon it seems to be the same thing with azerith gear. I hope, they'll allow some kind of respec. I'm okay with reasonable gold cost (1000g) and weekly cooldown, but there should be an option.

This seems like an entirely ridiculous complaint given:

A) You have literally no idea how the system works and whether this would even be necessary.


B) The gear is likely to be replaced on a regular basis anyway.


C) If it really is necessary, Blizzard will probably put it in in beta or early in the expansion.

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