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Los Angeles Clippers Get: Hassan Whiteside

Miami Heat Get: DeAndre Jordan

Based on their long employment of Jordan, the Clippers are obviously into the whole "traditional center" thing. So you'd have to think they're one team that wouldn't balk at swapping out one old-school big for another. The positive for L.A. in this scenario is cost control, as Whiteside is under contract for two more years and about $52.5 million after this one.

There's no way the Clippers sign Jordan to a new deal for any less than that, so there's some real savings here. Plus, if it's long-term flexibility L.A.'s after, Whiteside can opt out of his contract after next year. Think of it like buying one more year of solid center play and seeing if the current veteran core (composed mainly of Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari) can put something together next season.

That's the tricky thing with these DJ trades. The Clippers aren't really in a position to blow the whole thing up because Griffin and Gallo are on the books and in the late stages of their primes. Maybe this buys another year of competitive play before readdressing that imminent teardown.

The Heat are always (and should be) confident they can convince players to stick around once they get a taste of the organizational culture. And also the quality of life in South Florida.

For a squad that locked itself into several contracts at or slightly above market rates over the summer (think James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters and Josh Richardson), Jordan is a worthwhile gamble. He's more mature and experienced than Whiteside, which ought to help in a playoff chase, and the theoretical doomsday scenario of him leaving in free agency actually isn't so devastating. Miami could actually use the wiggle room his departure would create—not to mention the relief of not having to pay Whiteside more than $25 million per season through 2020.


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