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You know what they say: wear you heart on your sleeve and your vagina on your fingers. 

The newest trend in the world of Instagram-worthy nail art is not for the shy or basic. People all over Insta have been sporting little vulvas on their hands. Yes, genitalia is getting trendy.

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The appropriately named, "vagina nails" are quickly on the rise. If you're thinking, "Why?" honestly, a lot of these are pretty damn impressive.

How do they make them so tiny?! With such detail! 

💥Pussy Power💥 Thanks to @asabree I've got 2 extra vags which means everything I touch will turn into a magical vagina! Xo to @fingerbangportland 😘

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THE CLITS TITS AND DICKS NAIL for @oswaldscannibal! Have fun at the art fair in Mexico City! #vaginanails #nailswag #nails #nailart #nailartclub #swag #LA

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@topknotnails 3D vulvas for @mariahgalaviz inspired by @theeditorialnail 👄🐈🍯🌷💦#vaginanails #3Dnails #magicfingers #nailchurch #fingerbangme #fingerbang #fingerbangportland

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Others are a little more simple but, hey, artistic skills and steady hands are still required to pull off such designs. 

You give her vagina nails #workdoesntstopatwork #vaginasfordays #studio30nails #vaginas #vaginanails

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Nail$ last night in celebration of #internationalwomensday @lashwynwood at @grampswynwood ! #futureisfemale #ladiesnight #lashwynwood #feministart #pornnailsmia #feminist #nailart #nailedit #nailsofinstagram #manicure #vulva #vulvanails #vulvaart #vaginanails

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And then there are the more suggestive vagina designs. Not exactly literal genitalia, but odes to the vulva. These artists use cheeky imagery such as flowers or diamond-like shapes. 

In honor of @katiesuewoo #bachelorette in #sandiego how else would I do my nails other than with a #georgiaokeeffe #rachetnail. #whalesvagina #nailart #sagittariusnails #nails #vaginas #vaginanails

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Georgia O'Keeffe would approve. 

New #manicure, decided to go with something special #VaginaNails

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Abstract vulva nails for @milagrosyall at 'Dunce Party' last night at @atlanticgvl ! 🍑#nailart #manicure #vulvanails #vaginanails #nailgasm #dunceparty #gnvfl #asseeningnv #loveyourvagina #partynails

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The look might not be for everyone but keep in mind, you don't need to have a vagina to sport this fun, daring look. 

All you really need is confidence and a nail artist who is willing to put in the time. 

And don't forget to experiment with colors and shapes. No two vagina nails are exactly the same. 

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