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The summer is such a fun season to play with colors. The ocean, the beach, all the exotic cocktails, and fruits are a major inspiration that we can easily transfer in our style. When it comes to nails it’s safe to say that almost anything that you can imagine can be translated into nail art and still be wearable. Opposite of the summer makeup trends that sometimes are too dramatic and unconventional for the everyday life, the nail art allows you to get more creative with the wearable designs.

There are so many options to upgrade your manicure this summer. Take a look at these cute nail designs that are perfect for the hot summer days.

Pool Party

We all love pool parties in the hot summer days. Most of us like to take a lot of pictures and show off on Instagram. Make sure your nails are on point too! This pool-inspired nail design is a perfect addition to your pool-ready look.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 pool reflection nails
Photo By @hannahroxit/Instagram

Beach Ball

If you consider yourself as a beach person you will probably love this beach ball-inspired nails. It’s very easy to recreate them at home. You just need multiple nail polishes in fun vivid colors. Don’t hesitate to use colors that match your swimsuit, get creative because this nail design is all about having fun.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 Beach Ball nails
Photo Courtesy of

Sweet Treats

We can’t help but get inspired by our favorite summer treats. Recently, the ice cream-inspired makeup was all over Instagram, but you’d probably want to save that for the festival season. Luckily there is still a way to celebrate your favorite treat in the everyday life. There is just one risk with this nail design: you’ll want one every time you look at your nails!

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 ice cream nails donut nails
Photo By @devinenailz__


This is probably one of the most eye-catching nail designs on our list. It’s fun and totally summer-approved. Fruit-inspired designs are always in style during the summer and the banana one will definitely look good with any summer outfit.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 banana nails
Photo Courtesy of Burkatron

Classic Nude

Nude tones are go-to for most of us whether we are talking about makeup, clothes or nails. There is something about the nudes that makes them very special. Probably because they are in everybody’s comfort zone and flatter every skin tone and outfit. This simple nail design is enriched with several dots on the sides that break the simplicity of the nude nail polish.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 nude nails with white dots
Photo Courtesy of @petitepeinture/Instagram

Travel The World

You can finally celebrate your love for traveling with this travel-inspired nail design. It’s not as complicated as it looks. All you need is clear and white nail polish, rubbing alcohol and a map to transfer the places that you want to visit on your nails.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 travel-inspired nails
Photo By Sara Scoop

Watermelon Nails

We’ve already talked about the watermelon-inspired makeup not so long ago. Anyway, the watermelon makeup is too dramatic for everyday wear. On the other hand, the watermelon nails are a perfect way to celebrate the most refreshing summer fruit in your everyday life.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 watermelon nails
Photo By @hannahroxit/Instagram

Tropical Paradise

This tropical paradise nail art is definitely meant only for the bold ones. Every nail has something that represents summer at its best. Prints such as pineapples, flamingos, palm trees and ocean reflection are a must if you want to recreate this fun nail design.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 Tropical nails
Photo Courtesy of @popcoat/Instagram

Holographic Nails

With the rise of the holographic highlighters and then holographic makeup it’s expected that the holographic nails will become a thing as well. The color changing effect is more vibrant in the summer thanks to the bright summer sun. Choose pastel or vivid colors to make this nail design more summer-approved.

Best Summer Nail Designs for Summer 2017 Holographic Nails
Photo Courtesy of @imarninails/Instagram

Cactus Nails

If you think palm trees are too mainstream try the cactus-inspired nails. Don’t worry if you are not that good with drawing on your nails because as you can see the cactuses don’t have to be perfect. Add a splash of red to contrast the green and your nails will instantly look more vibrant.

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