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lina-nail-art>Hey everyone! I have some fun nail art designs that were created with stamping plates from Lina Nail Art Supplies to share with you today.  Lina Nail Art Supplies launched just a couple months ago with some beautiful XL nail art stamping plates.  A few were sent to me to try and review, and they did not disappoint!

Let’s take a quick look at the four plates that will be featured in nail art designs.  The images below are from the manufacturer’s website, and you can click on them for more details.  (I’m not good at photographing stamping plates – you see more of my reflection than anything else!)

Feeling Shapely! 01>

Feeling Shapely! 01

Get Wild! 01>

Get Wild! 01

Make Your Mark! 01>

Make Your Mark! 01

Make Your Mark! 02>

Make Your Mark! 02

The plates are high quality stainless steel that measure 9.5cm x 14.5cm, and they have a black sticker backing to eliminate any rough edges.  The full size etchings are 1.7cm x 2.2cm and are large enough to fit most nails, yet the detail is fine enough to be discernible even on smaller nails.  Some of the plates also have some smaller stand-alone images that go along with the theme.  Each of the plates arrived in a nicely designed cardboard sleeve with a window that is reusable if you wish to protect the plates in between use.

lina-packaging>I was eager to use the unique grungy street art images from the Make Your Mark 01 plate right away.  This is the first look that I created using mostly some random paint splatter and drip images from this plate.  The images stamped beautifully and were very opaque.  The stamping polish used is from Mundo de Unas (this is the brand used in all images displayed on this page).

lina-splatter>The next look that I created is a classy gold & black design with a criss-cross textile pattern from the Feeling Shapely 02 plate.  I was so impressed with the cleanness of the lines!

lina-black-gold>The last look that I created on my own nails is this black and silver holo animal print pattern from the Get Wild 01 plate.  I painted my nails black, applied a silver holographic foil, and then stamped the pattern over top with black stamping polish.  I love the modern/grungy snakeskin effect!

lina-snakeskin>I also created a couple of looks with the Make Your Mark plates for my clients, which you can see below.

lina-mym-02-2>lina-mym-02>I can’t say enough great things about the quality of these stamping plates!  There is a nice variety of everyday patterns and images, and several holiday-themed plates as well.

If you’re interested in placing an order from Lina Nail Art Supplies, take advantage of the discount provided below.  The code

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Lina Nail Art Supplies – Stamping Plates
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