Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Stamping Kits

Put your stamp on next-level nail art with the Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Nail Art Stamping Kit. Available in Floral, Geometric and Celebration themed kits, Designer Plates give you the tools to create precise, detailed art every time.

1. Complete natural nail prep. Apply a thin coat of React Extended Wear Base Coat to the entire nail, making sure to cap the free edge.

2. Apply a thin coat of Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer to all nails and cap the free edge. Repeat for full coverage.

3. Apply lacquer onto your Designer Plate.

4. Scrape the card against the plate to spread the lacquer into the desired design.

5. Firmly press the stamper onto the polished design, then stamp the design onto the nail.

6. Clean any excess lacquer around the cuticle area with a brush and Strip Ease Lacquer Remover.

7. Finish with React Extended Wear Top Coat.

Learn more from Morgan Taylor educators at Premiere Orlando, June 3-5, 2017. Visit Morgan Taylor at

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Morgan Taylor Designer Plates Stamping Kits
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