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We have so many hundreds of questions to our pottery expert Clive Hillier that he can only answer them one way - by talking his way through the answers!

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If your message hasn't been answered it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • There may not be sufficient information to reply. It's helpful if you can give details of size, descriptions, patterns and markings, as well as clues of where the piece originated from.
  • Clive tells us that 95% of dinner, tea and coffee wares can be of limited value - unless they're hand painted or made by a little known company for example.

Your questions

Sharon - My mother has a serving plate swinnerton staffordshire "nestor vellum" elegance. Can you tell me anything about it?

Angela - got a piece of pottery small jug with the letter T in pink underneath. can you give me info on what that might mean?

sylvia stewart - Ihave a royal stafford tea rose tea set about 40 years old.could you please tell me if it has any is complete with milk jug ,sugar bowl,cakeplate ,cups and saucers.

michelle - i have some alfred meakin plates with horses on are these of any value?

Alan Richardson - My pioece of pottery is of an old man with a walking stick and a burrow with a harness and blanket on. The markings are as follows:- ITI 36 MADE BY ITAIL 819. Tgher is a makers stamp but this is illegible. can you tell me what this might be.

Diane Bennett - Please could you try and answer my question I have been given a bowl Coaching Taverns 1828 royal Tudor ware Staffordshire England

Diana - I have a early brown & white wedgewood rose bowl with a mark on the base - wedgewood and a V or an L above it. It is matt finish like jasper ware, it has been in the family since before 1900 - can you identify it or any idea of value? - many thanks Diana

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Liz Uney - I have 5 Clarice Cliff Spring Crocus side plates. Do you know a reputable valuator in Doncaster?

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shaun from newcastle upon tyne - i have a beswick jug with the name ruth and number 729/6 or a 8 on the base. is it a antique is it valuable? please could you let me know?

mrs valerie truett - hi trying to find out about a pot i got from my father. it was made in czechoslovakia, marked with the no15442 (16)(amphora ).

stella - I have a Sadler teapot, romeo+juliet, can you tell me how old it is!The reg design no is2010603 and it also numbered 4445 above this.can you help me.regards stella round.

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denise gaudet - I have a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and what looks like a large creamer and the marking on the bottom is ellgreave england burslem 2018 a - it has gold stipes on it and is quite nice. Do you know how old it might be?

pam rodgerson - I have a Roses to Remember milk jug given to us for a church bric a brac stall - are there people who are interested in buying single items such as this? If so where can I find them> Thanks

Tami Stoecker - Greetings Clive, from Kentucky, USA! I have been given what appears to be a small ginger jar. The markings on the bottom say "Sandland Ware" with 2 hands shaking and underneath the hands, "Lancaster & Sandland, Ltd. Hanley, Staffordshire, England. There is also a number-352. the jar is ivory with an 18th century (I think) picture on both sides of the jar and the lid, with gold floral type corner borders. Was wondering if it is authentic or a reproduction? Thank you so much! Tami.

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Colleen Drummond - I have a mint condition vase. It was given as a wedding gift to family members back in the late 1800's. It is a grimwades pieces tapered vase, gold trim around the top, and the ship sails. The picture on the vase, it is a large ship or vessel on the water. I am trying to find out what sort of money I could expect for it, here in Canada Can you help me at all?

Joan Welsh - I have an old Wedgwood cameo. On the back it has WEDGWOOD and the letter L. My grandmother always wore it whether she was blackleading the old grate or dressed in her Sunday best. It's blue, oval, depicts a typical Grecian scene, measures about 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches and is surrounded by gold filigree. Please could you give me some info about it.

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helen bownes - I have a Royal Doulton Dickensware teapot with the words on a noticeboard of "York to London Coach" on one side and "London to York Coach" on the other side. On one side there is a picture of a man obviously stood awaiting a coach with suitcases. The view continues round to the otherside which shows a street with "Marine Store Dealer" On the bottom are the words "Mr Squeers" and the number p247. Information and possible valuation please?

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Vicky - My mum has a czech epiag plate that she was given by her great grandmother who lived in the Victorian times. The plate is quite big and has a picture of apples in the centre. She has had this plate for years and has always wanted to know if it is worth anything. Any information regarding this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Lorraine Allan - I also forgot to mention I have a beautiful Coffee Set with cream & suger bowl and coffee pot in immaculate condition. The base has T.F. & Sons Ltd Phoenix any advise or knowledge of maker many thanks lorraine

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Lorraine - I have several pieces of Myott & Sons Ltd, complete tea sets with tea pots etc. As well as a varied selection of Royal Mail Dinner Services. Are they of any value? Kindest regards Lorraine

annette green - I have a set of alfred meakin morning star cups and saucers. They are beautiful. But I dont know when they date from. I presume the 1940s or 50s. I have 6 perfect little "espresso" type cups and matching saucers and a milk jug. But I cannot find info on Morning Star. Please help.

luke and carey - how much would a ridgway decorative bowl from 1792 be worth

Julie Mead - I have a set of 6 cups/saucers, 6 small cake plates, milk jug and a large cake serving plate. They have the marking of Staffordshire Ironstone - W H Grindley & Co Ltd - England, which is around a ship picture. At the time of the markings is a crown and at the bottom it has 1 -1. It is the satin white design. Could you tell me anything about this set. It was left to me by my nan. It is worth anything and the date around it would of been made. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Maz - Hi i have a Keith Murray black basalt ribbed vase about 6 inches tall.its signed in red, is it of much value? thanks.

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joan - I have a small teapot sugar bowl and cream jug, art deco style marked pearl hanley made in england. its cream with oranges and lemons hand painted on. can you tell me anything about it? tHANKYOU

lynda Morrow - hello i have a pottery piece given to me by my grandmother in england.It is a large ceramic rose (deep pink )with a green leaf surround. it is stamped which unfortunately i cant read. There is a capital L on the backand the serial nos 9713 and 9500 all impressed into the peice. Could you please help me identify it. Thank you

ROY OLSEN - Sir, I have a collection of Staffordshire figures I wish to sell. They have been in my possesion for the last twenty years, and are all genuine. Can you tell me the best way of selling them, and where. Thank you, Roy Olsen

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lynn taylor - i have a plate by fine staffordshire ware and it is the ponderosa ranch in nevada could you tell me what it is worth thank you

Frances O'Brien - I have a teapot and a plate stand. The teapot's details are SWINNERTONS STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND with a black chinese teapot logo. The letter C is engraved on the pot with the following wording PATENT LOCK LTD. 358746. Its an off white colour with pansies painted on it. The plate just says Swinnertons Staffordshire England and has the black teapot logo, but no writing. Thanks a mill for throwing some light on these items. Enjoy the show immensely. Fran O'Brien

Mohamed Ait Ben Larbi - I have a Tams Ware Dinner service patent 384623. My daughter has tried to research this on the internet and seems to think that this was the mark used by John Tams Limited between 1912 and 1930. Is this correct and can you help on value? Alternatively, could you point me in the right direction for more information? I also have a Royal Vale China H J Colclough coffee set pattern no 3775 which I think was manuafactured between 1928 and 1937, although I could be wrong. Again, any ideas on value?

Gill Williams - I have been left a Ginger china/pottery cat with glass green eyes.It stands 12 inches high. It is 80-100 years old in ex condition with the other one of a pair in the family. The mystery is there are no markings on the underneath and what look like 2 drill holes on the back. If you could give me any info I would be gratefull. Thank you Gill

jennifer de selincourt - a teapot shaped like a miner's head underneath is a crest with hand painted and what looks like crown (and then either) windsor or winton? any ideas please?

LINDA JAMES - Hi my Husband recently purchased a Royal Doulton Vase, But we cannot find out what the design is called, we think via our investigations that it was made between 1906 - 1911 although we could be wrong. The Design is a vibrant blue background with roups of yellow blossom sprays all over it some with orange centers. A black rim on lip and base stand and the number D4365 on the base, Can you help in identifying this item Many Thanks Linda.

brian jones - i hava a Swinnertons tea set stamped "nestor vellum" "ambassador" warranted 22 kt gold. I was wondering if it has any value. It has a blue tree pattern

Erin Massey - I am trying to find the name and/or replacement pieces for dinnerware that I received from my mother. The plates are marked Staffordshire, England with 2 lions facing each other, standing on their hind legs. The pattern is blue and is of turkeys. The edge of the plate is scalloped. We have used these plates ever since I can remember as a child. I would appreciate any info. you can give me. Thanks

lindsay robinson - hi i have several small fruit dishes orange and blue trim iris's and pink waterlily, on the back is a crown on a cusion, royal marigold. alfred meakin

Sonja Thomson - I have a black cat teapot with greenpainted ribbon round its neck.On the bottom it says Genuine Staffordshire Hand Painted Shorter & son Ltd England Also has heavy black small J shape. Any value? Thank you.

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Shelagh Ayriss - Can you give any information aboutGreen & Blue with Yellow Flowers Jug Vase marked with Hartbox Stoneware markingsPJ7

L Robinson - i have several small fruit dishes i think pattern is of iris's and a pink water lily on the back of dish is a crown on a cushion

Zenda - Hi I have a lovely toby jug in great condition underneath it has the initials FW? Is this from F Winkle & Co?

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Jackie Stokes - We have a jug with a pattern of grapes and leaves. The main jug is aquamarine with the top and base in light brown/dark brown. It is marked Germany 275/17. Any ideas on maker or value? Many thanks.

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Jackie Stokes - We have a Clarice Cliff vase in green. It has lines around it and a raised pattern of red and pink rose like flowers and thorny stems. It has the number 912 on bottom and Newport Pottery co, England. Can you give me any details as to what pattern this is any any value? It is in excellent condition. Many thanks.

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Margaret Wall - Can you help to identify the maker of blue and white porcelain tea set with apparent unicorn rampant to base?

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Susan MacLeod - I have a set of dishes that are quite a pale yellow, with a floral trim green leaves, rose coloured flowers, trimmed in 22 kt gold. The back of the platter has what appears to be a stamp that states est 17?? RIDGWAYS MADE IN STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND. It then says in gold print - warranted 22kt gold decoration. This is completely different that any other Ridgways branding i have seen on their other pattterns. I cannot locate any thing similar. Can you tell me anything about this china? Thanks Susan MacLeod Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Roger Matthews - we have a pair of white staffishire spaniels that have been in the family for as far as we know since 1880!s we would like to know the value if possible they are trimmed in gold barbara.

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pat bailey - Dear Sir, I have a small cream bowl with a navy flower pattern in its base and around the edge. The underside mark is a swan under a crown on a triangle of water with the letters 'M' and 'B' either side of the swan. Can you please advise, thankyou.

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Doreen Lea - I have a teaset which was my parents (around 1940) marked Standard China Montrose. Pink, yellow, mauve & beige flowers with gold leaf rim. Can't find any information. Can you help please. Thanks.

NIGEL SUTTON - Hi I have a item of shibata black with gold leaf flowers and dragonflies 9"dia with a raised edge

Lorraine Ball - I have a teapot small jug small bowl and larger bowl in Tams Ware Rockgarden all in excellent condition. Could you tell me it's approx. worth. thanks.

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jennifer moores - I have a 63 piece set of Royal Doulton Pompadour D5865 dinner set in very good condition. Could you please give me an idea of what it would be worth. Thankyou

maria giles - hello i dont know much about antiques but could you tell me about a coffee pot i have?It is white with horses and carriage and with colours black red green and yellow on it.Underneath it has a MYOTT stamp on it and ROYAL MAIL and it says its a GENUINE HAND ENGRAVING ON FINE STAFFORDSHIRE WARE WIYH ALL PERMANENT COLOURS MADE IN ENGLAND

Colin Platt - Have you any information about DALE HALL POTTERY and I assume a design called MONTEREY there seems to be a date 1790 or is this a design number

donna - hello i have 4 royal doulton plates which have the stamps etc.. on the back and know nothing about antiques or royal doulton ware and was wandering if anyone would know anything about them> They are big size plates and have a gold and green thin design around the edge of the plates. does anyone know how much they are worth and the date etc.. of them please could you give me some info thanks donna

Lily Nelson - Dear Clive, My mother was given a Jug and Wash basin for her wedding in 1926. On the bottom is the name of John Tams Ltd., Crown Pottery, Longton. The pattern is V7. Can you give me any further information Regards Lily Nelson

shaun - i have a beswick jug with the name ruth and no 729/6or8 on the base is it a antique is it worth anything.

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Catherine Gibson - I have pictures of a couple of vases that my mother inherited from her aunt, I wonder if you can tell me anything about them. We would appreciate it! I'll email the photos into Radio Stoke so they can pass them on to you! Thanks Catherine

Graeme Beckett - I have an almost complete Alfred Meakin dinner service "The Hayride" which I purchased in 1971. It is stillunused, but some pieces broke during a move (one soup plate, and entree plate, and serving bowl, lid intact. I have decided to sell the set. Any idea of its worth? Should I ssell it piece by piece or altogether?

A.R. Swain - My wife has inherited a "J Fryer" grey lustre "Tea storage jar" with 2 old men on handle with tea mugs!! she remembers the jar being in the house when she was a little girl - she's now 59 cant find anything on internet can you give me an idea of what it is. height 170mm x 100 width.

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norma pearson - I have 3 octagonal plates from a cake stand by Wedgwood. The underside says Royal Porcelain Wedgwood & Co England "Palm". There's a number F1916 - would this be the date of manufacure?. It belonged to a 90year old aunt and was probably a wedding present. Can you tell me anything about these plates?

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danny knightson - i have a little figerine,looks like mrs punch,the markings underneath a crown with a large N .

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Renee - I just bought a pretty green glazed pottery bowl with a "M" or "w" stamped on the bottom with a maple leaf stamped under the letter. The piece is also numbered and rather heavy. Who is the manufacture so I might find out more info. about this piece? Thank you for your time and expertise!

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David Irving - I have some old distinctive crockery plates from my grandmother. They are marked on the back with a scroll with 'Palmyra' on it. A sort of shield in quarters with numeric symbols and the initials S.H. below this. Junk em or keep em?? Thanks

Helen Hann - I have a Royal Staffordshire Wilkinson, Honeyglaze cake plate with stand,gold edged. Any information would be appreciated.

Melanie Tomlin - I have a little oval plate, off white in colour with fluted edge. It measures about 5" x 3". On the back in green it is stapmed with the Clarice Cliffe, Staffordshire Stamp. Can you please tell me anything about this item and value? Many thanks.

joyce rowbotham - can you help,i have a jug sf&co devon ware stoke on trent pendant RoNo555509 it has a crown on base and numbers 0444 4 small dash marks and a small so is it worth keeping and how old is it.

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patricia hamilton - I have a pair of recumbent lions with glass eyes. They look like staffordshire but have 2 nickel size holes in each bottom. They have nice color with some crazing. They are about 9 1/2" long & 7" high. It is the 2 holes that bother me. Are they real Staffordshire? I saw a pair on cash in the attic that looked identical. Thank you, Patti

Dawn - I have a sweet little pottery dog that is a mottled bluish/white colour. It looks like it's crying as it has brownish tears coming from it's eyes, I know it's quite old but the only mark is a brown "c" painted on the bottom. Can you tell me anything more about it? Many thanks.

Eric Taylor - Dear Clive. I have recently purchased two oval plates, hand painted from the late 19th century (I believe). There are no marks impressed or otherwise on the back (backs are just plain white), but both painted pictures have been signed with the name John Bailey. I have heard that there was a John Cuthbert Bailey at Doultons towards the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th Century. And also that 'John Bailey was a listed artist who painted onto porcelein from 1901 - 1917' onto plates and plaques from Longton Pottery.

The pictures are each of a pretty girl, one a type of greek style image with the girl stood adjacent to a spouting lions head fountain carrying a broken pitcher or water carrier jug, and the other, a simple peasant girl leaning on a mule or donkey that has a basket on it's back, while she is holding some type of ladel.

Miranda Goodby from the potteries Museum has suggested "are painted with designs after the late 18th century French artist Greuze. His sentimental studies of pretty girls were very popular at the end of the 19th/early 20th century when they were widely reproduced as framed prints, lithographs on pottery or as hand-painted copies.

A John C Bailey was Art Director at Doulton's Burslem factory for 50 years, retiring in 1929."

Both are as stated, oval in portrait format, with deep blue glaze outer field, framed by rich gold bands. Size I would guess at approx 14 inches x 10 inches.

Condition is excellent to both.

Would you be able to confirm: 1) Did John Cuthbert Bailey ever paint plates? If so can you identify the plates from the above discription?

2) Do you think these are Doulton Plates or another pottery firm?

3) How would I go about obtaining more info on them? Date, rarety, value etc?

Best regards, Eric

CHRISTINE DOBBIN - Trying to date a Royal Albert "Dainty Dinah " crown china tea set given to my sister. The registration no is:749633. There is also another no: 7694.

Amanda Wilson - I have two dishes with fett and handles made by washington pottery " Indian Tree Design" Can you tell me anything about them?

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Pat Weetman - Hi Clive My husband and I both worked at Wade Heath and Co in Burslem, many years ago. We have, as well as lots of other unusual Wade items, the L/S Lady and Tramp figures, both in perfect condition. Do you have any idea how much they would fetch to-day?

Rita - I have a Alfred Meakin Glo White Geometric Coffee Set and wanted to know a bit more about it.

Joanne - Hi, My dad has two black jugs with the number 3 then a line and then a dot on the bottom. Any feed back? I have a tea set with the name 'foreign 26' on the bottom. Can you help?

Katherine (Kit) Thiewes - I have a Stafforshire Ware figurine (young man in Victorian clothing on a horse; was part of a set but the female lost the fight to a rambuncous kid). The mark below says "Staffordshireware, ENGLAND, 94 (hand painted), and a knot with the initials W K inside of it. There is an "E" above the word ENGLAND as well. Thank You!

Elizabeth - I have several pieces of cauldon china marked n2571 with heavy gold on handles of cups and a greek looking pattern on the rim any idea of value please. i would also like to source a cup.

Jane Langford - I have inherited a dinner service with -Glendower- Whieldon Ware- F.Winkle & Co. England on the back. Could you tell me anything about it please?

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Angela Colgan - I have a partial set of Swinnertons ware. The pattern is "Montrose". I am curious about any history you may have as I am having a hard time finding any more pieces to add to the collection. I do have photos if necessary.

Jennifer Hillier - Hi Clive, I have a white porcelain box with a ship on it and 3 (which I think were supposed to be 4) gold plated ashtray-like porcelain tablets inside. One has: Drake's Golden Hind, One has Cook's Endeavor Bark, and the other has Columbus' Santa Maria..on the bottom is Sandland Ware, Staffordshire England with numbers on them..Can you help me? I live in the US with roots in England..could you advise of the price in American Dollars if it is worth anything or just tell me what it may be... Could you please email me as I am at a loss

jenny hall - i have two meat platters one has green markings with brisbane rg no 107788 england the other is blue F & Sons chatsworth burlsem then a letter F could you please shed some light on these pieces

Danielle - I have a piece of Staffordshire Ironstone, it is entitled Hayride. It is Ridgway, I think it may be a vegetable bowl of some sort. It has two handles, one on each side and it is quite large. It has a stamp on the bottom with the title and it says that it is genuine hand engraved. It also has the number 10 on the bottom in gold. The picture is on both sides. If you have any idea of its value I would be greatful if you could tell me

lynn cassidy - I have a dinner service from swinnertons approx 60 pieces of the Luxor Vellum. Could you tell me what you may think it's worth.

Peter Fagan - Have a 15 piece tea set by William Lowe marked with an inverted triangle W L L. Named roses sprays, numbered 5284,any value please. Thank you.

Mary Langley - I have most of a dinner service which is stamped Royal Denmark England with the crown. It has anotherstamp on it which I cannot read. The pattern is definitely a typical Royal Denmark blue and white. Was this copied by English potteries? It has been in the family since about 1945. is it valuable or can new items be purchased?

Ann Burrows - I have a Coffee pot set in 'Fashion' Washington Pottery it is in good condition, also I have 6 large plates, 6 medium plates, 6 bowls, 1 large oval and 1 medium oval and 2 serving bowls one with lid of Burslem England it is cream in colour with yellow blue and red flowers on in good condition we think it says hand painted wear on the bottom. Are these of any value?

alex hallam - hi i have been left two majolica plates i know for sure that they are over 100 years old as they belonged to my great great grandma but the only have a small pressed mark on the back of each plate it looks like a H or X .they are green brown and gold with gold trim and 3 medalion embossed patterns on each rim have you any idea who made these thanks.

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e parry - I have a large white staffs pottery shell /white/ marked old windsor is it worth much?

Larry - Hi,I have a jug made by Sarreguemines.It has their name stamped into the base,with "france" beneath.It also has the same "ink" stamped,with the initials D.V. beneath.Also stamped into the base are the number 531,M,and 4136. It is predominantly green,with 3 large Pansies growing up the sides,with large blue and yellow heads.The condition is undamaged.The inside is a brown glaze. Is there any information you could give me about this piece?

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Janet - Hi Clive, Who would be able to help me to put a valuation figure on some repro majolica? The piece is two wall tiles featuring street musicians. Many thanks - Janet

Peter Robertson - I have 2 matching Minton Plates with a Rose pattern in reasonable condition. Two roses in the middle of the plate, surrounding edge has 5 roses equidistant around the perimeter, with a pink 'hatched' design between the roses. Age seems to between 1943 and 1950 given the style of trademark on the reverse and info from the Minton website. Do you think these plattes might be worth anything?

wendy campion - Ive got quite a large china or porcelain model of two shire horses being shoed be a blacksmith. Im not too sure how old it is but was given to my grandmother on her retirement from work; she passed away some 20 odd years ago. The hallmark on the base is a blue crown with what could be the letter "S" underneath it. I should be grateful if you could shed any light on this; if it is Stafforshire and how much it could be worth. Thankyou

Debra Nixon - Where can I find out the pattern name/number of my grandparents Alfred Meakin Wedding/dinner service in the hope of finding replacement pieces? I know it is circa 1937 thanks in advance Debra

mike gil - have large oval platter,has about two inch dark maroon band enclosed by gold lines,mark on back is B midwinter,porcelon,Burslem, England.could you please give me any info on this item,thank you.

Carole - I Have a Crown China tea set on the base of the cup it has the word BOGNOR and Royal Albert also the number 7873. My mother was given it for her 21st in 1934. I have been trying to find out more about it and if it is of any value. There are 40 pieces in the set. Thankyou.

terry lovegrove - have an old water jug and bowl from granny,who married c1900 they have a pink roses pattern,and gold round the rim of each under the bowl only is- made in england emblem- looks like bush and tree indistinct words next,looks like-L & 8eggs Ltd next-shield with top half fleur de lys,blurred bottom half under shield,sloping- left,hanley right,eng have only found out it's after 1914,because of made in england words can you help identify please?

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Eldonna Waddell - I have a single plate stamped on the back with the name H(?)udson.Wilcox&Til(???) Possibly the last name is Tilley. The pattern is Daisy. I am particularly interested in knowing approximately when it might have been made. I'm told that when my paternal grandmother emigrated to Canada with her new husband, these are the dishes she brought with her. If it's true, this plate has had an interesting history, starting with the long journey from Cornwall, to the plains of western Canada, and first served as dinnerware in a soddie; an earth-built shack that my grandparents lived in until they could build a house.

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Lynne Smithers - I have a coffee set comprising coffee pot, sugar bowl,milk jug, 6 cups and saucers marked Swinnertons Staff pottery "Nestor Vellum" - can you give me anything more? Thanks

Donna Marcone - My mother gave me a Wedgewood vase - blue trim around the neck of the vase. Does this have some worth?

natalie millington - i have a large set of alfred meakin blue clover raised dinner plates and cups and saucers can you tell me more about them thanking you

Lynn - Hi Clive, a close uncle of mine has recently let me have a Staffordshire Pottery teapot, sugar, milk jug in a cottage design a wedding present nearly sixty years ago. Underneath is says Noble Street Pottery, Staffordshire. Any info appreciated and value?

Elaine Carter - I have a cup and saucer in excellent order, no marks at all. Handpainted. On the bottom of the cup is the name TAMS WARE Rockgarden England No 793821 1790. Does it have a value?

Jennifer Martinez - Was wondering if you could help. I have a Adderley piece which I am not sure of the age. I have tried to find a way to date it, but it is quite confusing. The base is green with gold trim. It has pink, purple and yellow roses and purple pansys. The bottom reads Adderley Floral not Royal Adderley like other pieces that I have seen. It also has a gold x in the upper left hand corner and in the lower left hand corner it has HV IW, both of which I do not understand. Any thing you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. ~Thank you

Sally Peck - How can I tell the diference between a real 19th century Staffordshire figure from a fake?

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lise - I have several pieces of Swinnertons ware it is marked Luxor Vellum with a Reg no 837606 Can you please tell me about them

caterina.barry - Have a dinner service of Washington Pottery marked Warranted 22 kt gold - is it worth anything please?

Kathleen Williams - I have a serving plate dark blue & white(possibly rose pattern surrounded with bells) markings on back Swan Symbol above ribbon with word Queen. Handed down at least 3 generations.

Kathleen Williams - I have a serving plate dark blue & white(possibly rose pattern surrounded with bells) markings on back Swan Symbol above ribbon with word Queen. Handed down at least 3 generations.

Laura McRonald-Dubois - I have a platter with the markings of Royal Staffordshire Pottery - Wilkinson Ltd. England. The number on the bottom next to the marking ends in 04 (4 digits)the picture in the center of the platter is a predominantly red and black bird with an asian touch. The trim has black 'bars' with smaller birds of the same nature and fruit. Can you shed some light on this piece?

Fiona Ambrosi - Hi I live in Argentina and found in a junk shop a Maekin/Hanley chamber pot without a lid. Is it worth anything ? Also found some Czech porcelain - a serving dish with its lid from EPIAG And finally a couple of fish plates of Bonn porcelain ? Any information would be very much appreciated Thank you and Happy New Year Fiona

Laurence Hill - I have a 1st (apollo 11) moon landing commemorative tankard with staffordshire and Sadler on the bottom. I am interestedin learning more about it and how much it is worth. Can you advise Please?

C D'Souza - Are English Rose crockery items by Washington Pottery Ltd (stoke on Trent) available to purchase please?

Ken Duryea - I have a "Royal Staffordshire Pottery" vase with Wilkinson Ltd Burslem England - painted by L Allen with Papaver and Tahiti 8644 written on base.

Raymond Curtis - I have a dinner service circa 1840, marked "Oude". It is a grey and white, predominantly floral pattern. It was originally 144 pieces and I believe the design was by transfer. I have recently been able to purchase some pieces locally which essentially are the same design but they have a red line around the outer edge. I would very much like to know the history of this design including the Pottery that produced it and if possible an indication of value.

julie buckley - i have a clarice cliffe vase cornucopia no 809 5/5 can you tell me anything about it

Helen R - I have 2 dinner sets by Alfred Meakin. One has a Royal Marigold stamp and a design of very pretty flowers, the other is marked 37N70 and the stamp has Marigold, Marquis shape on. Can you give me any information about either please?

Gillian Hazell - I have have just bought a Frederick Rhead Dragon design vase (no.411)can you date & value it for me?

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

annemichael - I am trying to find information on Royal Staffordshire Pottery "Hampton" pattern

Robin Dews - My elderly aunt has a pair of 9 1/2" high porcelain dogs (William Kent style)? which belonged to her parents but there are no markings on the base apart from a small red paint mark under the glaze is it possible they are genuine

John Piccolo - I have a peice of Swinnertons ware, it is marked "Luxor Vellum" with a Reg No 837606 Please could you tell me anything about it

Darcey - I have a piece of pottery simply marked Clive,England. Do you know who the potter might be?

Helen D'All - Good morning, The Stoke-on-Trent City Archives librarian suggested that I contact you. I have two vases in Wheildon Ware by F. Winkle & Co which, from the marks appear to have been produced between 1908 & 1911. The pattern is "Canton" and I am interested in finding out if the production of this pattern fits in with the above date period. It bears a striking resemblance to "Oriental", of which I have been able to find many examples. They are circular, fluted, approxiately 7 inches tall and have a cream-coloured background. The only others I have happened upon have a black background and although fluted, have squared-off corners. Thank you for any help you are able to provide. Helen D'All Montreal.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Heather A Daws - My mother has a set of Majestic Vellum crockery #837607 it has a border of violets and leaves are theses still available

Brad Penner - Hello i have a question i have been searching the internet for a price or meaning of certain letter C on the back of my 3 pieces.I have 3 Majestic vellum pieces. It says Swinnertons on the marking it has archways over a what appears to be an old teapot with the handle going over the top of the tea pot then Staffordshire England, then "majestic vellum" Reg.837607 i have gravy boat i cant tell diff. A sugar bowl with lid and i have creamer with pour spout it has gold trim on the back also are 3 gold marks just small lines. There is gold lines that circle the pieces and i just noticed the sugar bowl has no Capital C on it but it has the gold trim and lines. The design is i believe asian in design rust color desingns with black lines crossing to form a pathchwork surrounding all pieces sorry to drag on so m uch but i just also noted that on the gravy boat by the gold marks[3] is a pyramid indentationwith what appears to be a gold base line thank-you for your time

Sheila Lee - I have Two Large Vases with the Hannah Barlow markings on, and a Gladstone Jug three Colours cream brown and green also Doulton

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Phillip Evans - i have 25 pieces of 22k gold warranted pottery from washington pottery, hanley england, any value please?

Julia Reardon - I've been trying to find replacement Swinnertons china . The pattern no on the back says majestic vellum 837607 but all the pieces I've seen don't match the pattern which is a cream colour with pink roses and a speckled gold trim. My query is where can I find what this pattern is actually called?

Anne Watts - I have some dessert dishes with a back stamp depicting a black 3 leaf clover/shamrock on a dark green oval type background. Is it possible to identify manufacturer, date etc. from this information.

twylia - ive got some frankoma plates and other of a set that are brown with a little green with 5 e

Mike Surridge - I have a Minton Majolica cherub bowl. been in the family for at least 100 years it has minton and serial number 784 embossed on the base, I have seen a reproduction copy of this piece offered for sale and it got me wondering as to its value? can you help with a valuation.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Janet Pountney - I have a vase which I have been told is Minton. It is green with blue feathery decor round and has crossed blue scissors on the base. Can you tell me anything about this

Audrey Day - I have a Doulton half tea service dating from 1930's in cream patterned porcelain. could this be worth having valued please?

Steve Lloyd - I have a Royal Stafordshire plate labelled 'Heather 1750' Could you tell me anything about it - it is in excellent condition.Thanks

harry clarke - hi see if you can help me,ive got an wedgwood vase,the design on the vase is a small boy behind a tree with a lady with wings is leaning on it(the boy is about to hit he with his arrow),if i rotate the next pic is an handled vase next a full tree and the last pic is a boy with a wooden torch. on the bottom it reads wedgwood ,with an F also R (98 OR g8)and last JV.IF YOU CAN TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ITEM I WILL BE VERY GRATEFULL.

carol - i have 6 plates "country life"by alfred meakin is there any value

carol - hi clive i have a white oval plate by swinnertons "majestic vellum "reference number 837607 could you tell me if its got a value

Gill - Dear Clive, I have a pair of oriental style black floral decorated vases with the mark Royal Sydneyware on the bases. I can't find out anything about this company other than William Lowe manufactured a range with this mark. Can you offer any information? Thanks Gill.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Barry Thompson - Hi Clive, While visiting my Mother recently she gave me a Royal Staffordshire 2nd June 1955 Queens coronation mug white with gold trim top and bottom wider at the base and top than the middle and is in perfect condition. Can you tell me what this is currently worth and should we insure it. I live in Boston USA. Thank you

riddickj - I have just bought a large luster vase on the bottom is marked J Fruyer Ltd, Oldcourt ware, Turnstall England. It has a crown mark and a small hammer, any information please.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Paul McKeown - Dear Clive, I saw two porcelain spaniels in an antiques shop yesterday priced £48. I was going to buy them but was told not to by my fiance who believed them to be too gaudy. They were brightly coloured (mainly over white) and where clenching flower baskets in their mouths. Their condition seemed OK. They had crazing but no obvious cracks or firing errors. As for age they looked old with the crazing showing a slight brown tinge. The bases of both dogs looked well worn as if they had been standing around for many decades (no makers stamp on the bottom). Do you think I should go back and invest?

joyce silvester - i have a clarice cliffe vase it is a putty colour with blue and red flowers in relief. on the bottom it says clarice cliffe. newport pottery and it has a number 912 and a small letter w in green. many thanks joyce.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

joan dowell - I have a pair of Staffordshire Punch and Judy figurines (1850)in perfect condition except that Punch has some paint off his hat. I have seen a similar pair advertised on the internet by a dealer for £950. He has offered me £450 for them (unseen). This seems rather low since one of his has been repaired. I have a whole host of other Staffordshire pottery, which I wish to sell. Do you know of any dealers in the Shropshire/Staffordshire area where I could get a fair valuation?

Carl Wood - I have several Minton Plates, marked with the words 'Danish' and also include what looks to be the Royal Worcester Mark above the Minton Globe. There appear to be a variety of other dating marks on the plates, may be indicating that they were not all made at the same time? The only mark I could find through my research only appears on one plate (Minton 1895). Is Minton Danish of particular interest? What dates were the plates made? What would be their value on the current market?

Ann Christy - i have been left a miniature piece of pottery in the shape of a jug in crimson/gold and a small piece of paper telling me its bascatte, however i cannot find any info about same, can you help? thankyou

Linda Meecham - I have a small pin dish in the shape of a leaf. Underneath the mak is Adderley Floral and figurine Staffordshire. I cannot find out any thing about this dish or the pottery except that the pottery may have been around in 1954? Can yo tell me any thing about it?

eurfroncoyle - I have recently purchased a staffordshire frog mug, unmarked but labelled as victorian. Where can i find information on this? It has a hunting dog with a bird in its mouth on one side and a similar dog finding a bird on the other. It holds about two pints. THANK YOU.

mr king - hi i have just purchased a schnauzer figure with a stamp on the left front paw, which says j fryer ltd tunstall. it is about 8" high and 9" long, decorated in a kind of blue/grey colour. Can you tell me anything about this peice and what the value is? cheers.

Listen your reply from Clive by clicking on the audio link on the right of this page.

Reg Challinor - I am trying to find out more about the Challinors who were involved in pottery in the 19th Century - ie Edward Challinor, E&C Challinor and Challinor and Mayer. Also what is origin of the Royal Doulton Challinor range?

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