Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long

Who's Behind OPI's Punny Polish Names?

Known as the “First Lady of Nails” and the woman responsible for such classic polishes as I'm Not Really a Waitress and Tickle My France-y, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is the Executive VP, Artistic Director, and all-around creative force behind OPI's legendary and coveted nail lacquers. She does it all--from creating the shades to bestowing on them their unique monikers, that, let's face it, keep us coming back for more as much as the new colors do. We caught up with Suzi for a Q&A about choosing collections and names, as well as which polish is her all-time favorite.

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Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long
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Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long
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