Nail Colors We Want To Wear All Summer Long

We know, we know—florals for spring, groundbreaking. But let’s take a look at how ’60s-inspired florals, usually reserved for your grandmother’s tablecloth, have been elevated for a fresh take on the playful pattern. Thanks to designers Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, and Kenzo, designs characterized by dramatic colors and large blooms have taken center stage in the form of retro dresses and two-piece sets. Don’t think you have to wait until the snow melts to jump on this 2018 fashion trend. Florals can be worn for any season, given consideration to color palette and fabric. Take this luxe-looking velvet blazer from Forever 21 for example. Moody colors make it the perfect piece for winter wear, while the velvet gives the couch print a warm touch. Pair with this year’s other predominant print, plaid, to give old florals new life for the rest of the year.

To buy: Forever 21, $68

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