Nail Art Goes 3D

Basic manicures have officially been left behind in 2017, thanks to Sally Hansen. The brand responsible for some of our favorite polish colors is launching the cutest 3D stickers to give your manicures new life.

The new 3D Design range comes in three styles that are super easy to use. Geometric features sharp sets of triangles and textured diamonds, Knit includes stickers that mimic the appearance of your favorite Winter sweater, and Floral features delicate flower patterns.


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If the sound of 3D nail art scares the sh*t out of you, don't panic. Using the new stickers is pretty easy, despite your level of skill. Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen global color ambassador, broke down the process for us via email: "To start, apply one coat of color and allow it to dry. Then, use a pointed tweezer to apply them to the nail."

Once you've completed those steps, the rest is simple. Just press down on the stickers firmly so the design fades into the nail polish color, apply one final coat of polish, and watch your design come to life.

To get the most of your stickers, Madeline suggests opting for a light nail polish shade and skipping out on your top coat. "If you are applying a top coat, use a very thin layer so it doesn't fill in the details of the 3D Design shapes. Or, don't use a top coat at all," she advises.

We were the first to test out the new decals, and — of course — we broke down the process for you to see before your next at-home pampering session. See the new stickers ($8) in action ahead, and pick 'em up at Walgreens and select CVS stores now!

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