Nail Art That Is Trending And Really Innovative

Nailed it! Sometimes a manicure truly stands out above the rest, and that's definitely the case for 

Halle Berry 's recent nail art. The 50-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of her decked out digits, and once you have a look, you may just be motivated to run straight to your nearest salon to copy the style. 

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"My one and only @nettiescrub nailed it #manimonday," Berry captioned the Monday, August 7, Instagram post, crediting West Hollywood-based manicurist Nettie Davis

What's truly special about this particular mani? It combines so many of the hottest nail trends into one beautiful work of art. It plays with mixed metallics in a way that resembles the popular "oil spill" style (as the name implies, it looks like the rainbow of colors that reflect in spilled grease), but it is a much more subtle take on the trend, using only hues of gold, burnt sienna and green. 

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My one and only @nettiescrub nailed it #manimonday

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on

"The inspiration behind the nail art was a celebration of life," Davis exclusively tells Us Weekly, noting that the Oscar winner gave no input and let the artist run wild with the design. 

Another manicure trend seen in the gorgeous design: negative space. The artist left portions of Berry's nail completely blank so a skin-tone hue shows through. That "beautiful sheer nude was made just for her skin tone," adds Davis. 

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Geometric patterns, which are also very popular at the moment, are present in the Kidnap star's look. Davis used varying thin, black lines to create different abstract patterns on each of Berry's nails.

The entire look is set on long, almond-shaped nails, Berry's favorite shape, says Davis. 

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