Nailed It! Vanity Projects Turns Manicures Into Works Of Art

If you’re like Chris and you bathe in tubs of corn oil, a normal manicure just won’t cut it for you. That’s because these days, manicures are full of bling and fun designs. It’s called nail art, and we’ve found the SoFlo spot that hits this nail on the head.

Nails. nails. nails. This season, the funkier your manicure is, the more stylish you are.

Ariela Zuniga, Vanity Projects Miami: “Some popular nail trends are tied back to luxury designer brands. Like, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are very popular right now.”

Rita Ora is all about funky nails.

Rita Ora: “I like to have fun, and that’s really cool.”

The singer, who stars in “Fifty Shades Freed,” told us when she first came across the art.

Rita Ora: “Nail art is actually — I got obsessed with it when I was on tour in Asia.”

Kesha and Carrie Underwood are also fans.

Ariela Zuniga: “Nail art with celebrities is really popular right now, because it’s just another way to fully express themselves or complete a look that they have.”

When it comes to nailing the look, Vanity Projects in Miami’s Design District is the place to be.

Ariela Zuniga: “Nail art is definitely a different way to show your taste and your personal style. It’s fully customizable to your mood, to your taste, to your imagination. Whatever you can think of, we can put on your nails.”

Right now, the big trend is geometric nails.

Ariela Zuniga: ‘It’s a really cool look that you can play with shapes, textures and colors to create something really unique, and it can be inspired by design aspects or buildings.”

But if that’s not your taste, get blinged out or bright colors, because the options are endless.

Ariela Zuniga: “It can range from being super simple or extremely complex. It’ll just depend on how much of a design you want to wear on your nail.”

It’s also a playful way to get in the spirit of any season.

Ariela Zuniga: “Valentine’s Day is coming up, and a lot of clients at the salon will get manicures that are heavy with pink, red or white, or they’ll try 3-D aspects with, like, candy hearts.”

Whether it’s for a special occasion, or you just want to stand out, nail art is this season’s must-have accessory.

Ariela Zuniga: “It’s definitely like a finishing touch on a perfect outfit. It’s like adding an extra something special to a complete look.”


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