Outline Manicures Show That It's Okay To Leave Off A Bit Of Nail Polish

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One common mistake that people make when they’re doing DIY manicures at home is applying nail polish only on the very center of nails and completely forgetting about the sides. One glimpse at your nails from a different angle will quickly teach you the importance of applying nail polish to all of your nails. However, the outline manicure trend will make you want to completely forget everything that you’ve learned.

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As you’ve probably guessed based on the name, the outline manicure trend has the nail polish focused around the perimeter of the nails with the middles often being left au naturel. The trend is a new twist on the popular half-cut nails and also come from the

Unistella Nail Salon in Korea.

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You might already be familiar with outline manicures thanks to the popular nail art trend where polished digits are outlined in a contrasting nail polish color, usually white or black.

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The difference between this version and the latest look we’re seeing from Unistella is that the latter takes a more minimalist approach and focuses the color strictly on the perimeter of the nails. The most the center of nails will get is a glossy top coat.

If you’re going to attempt to create the look at home, use nail tape as a guide and try using nail polish pens for a precise finish. If you make any mistakes, you can use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to clean up any wonky lines. When you get your shape just right, apply a glossy top coat over your entire nails. Now, you’re ready to show off your digits.

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Outline Manicures Show That It's Okay To Leave Off A Bit Of Nail Polish
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