Painting Smiles One Toenail At A Time

With a little creativity and a paintbrush, one local woman has turned her artistic talent and eye for design into a profitable business and has helped women across Utah County show off their feet in style.

It started when Spanish Fork resident Liz Danielson went to a friend to get her toenails done.

"Meg Perry was my inspiration," Danielson said. "I went to her to get my toenails done for years, starting with her home parties. And my mom is an artist and she has always encouraged us to do something in life that helps us bring out our artistic side. I have always enjoyed art and decided to see if I could do something using my artistic skills."

About a year and a half ago, Danielson started practicing nail art on her toenails, her daughter's toenails and those of her friends. More friends started asking her to paint their toenails and her business, Perfect Ten Nail Design, has continued to grow just by word of mouth.

Right now Danielson has about 20 clients a week and she is hoping to at least double that. She currently has her salon in a room in her friend Heather Harris's home in Spanish Fork, but she plans to expand in the next few months.

"In a few months I hope to have my own salon in my own house that will be custom made to fit two to three clients at the same time," Danielson said. "I would like to have a system that will be fun for friends and family to come in groups and relax and chat together while getting cute toes."

A visit to Danielson's salon includes a nail buff, shape and file, base coat, main coat, a design of choice, a top coat and a moisture finishing spray. The paint is non-damaging to the nail and lasts four to six weeks. She is able to paint her designs on toddler toes up to adult toes.

Clients are encouraged to bring their own design, or Danielson has a book of more than 150 custom designs that she adds to each week. She finds her inspiration for designs from fabric, purses, clothes and other items she sees.

"Sometimes I get ideas in my head and can't sleep, so I have to get up and draw them out," Danielson said. "There is inspiration all around."

And it is Danielson's talent and ability to implement her client's designs that has helped her business expand.

"Liz is just such a bubbly person," said Fran LaGiglia, a client. "She is so accommodating with her client's time and needs. I love that she is willing to take my ideas and implement them as close as possible to the original. She goes out of her way to find colors and ideas I like."

Harris, whose housing Danielson's business for now, is proud of her friend for her work and her success.

"I love what Liz does, she is amazing," Harris said. "She is my best friend and to give her a place to work and help her out is something that a friend does. Her work is amazing."

And for Danielson, it is the clients that make her love what she does.

"I just love meeting new people," Danielson said. "I love talking to them and getting to know them. Plus, the good thing about painting toenails is that you get to help make people happy. Your toes don't gain weight, so even if you are having a bad day you can look at your cute painted toes and smile."

If you would like to make an appointment with Perfect Ten Nail Design, contact Liz by phone or text at (801) 836-5666. She is available for appointments Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and for evening appointments one to two nights a week.

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Painting smiles one toenail at a time
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