Score A Lisa Frank Mani With This Nail Art Tutorial

we worshipped at the altar of Lisa Frank and we had the Trapper Keeper to prove it. Dolphins dancing across starry waters, Technicolor tie-dye, kittens on pastel clouds, unicorns surrounded by rainbows — we owned every folder, sticker, notebook, and pen adorned with her colorful dreamscapes. We couldn't think of a better inspiration for some

super-colorful nail art, so we asked mani maestro Fleury Rose to come up with some cool designs based on our favorite Lisa Frank motifs: Tie-Dye Stars, Rainbow Leopard Print, and Rainbow Unicorn. They look tricky, but once you see our handy breakdown, you'll be sporting some Frank-ified nails of your own in no time flat.

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Score A Lisa Frank Mani With This Nail-Art Tutorial
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