Spotlight On: Spring Nail Art And Looks

Earlier this spring the ground shook at the news that Essie had once again clinched the title for most-winning nail polish on Pinterest. Not only because this year's top-pinned shade couldn't be further in color from last year's (h/t to the berry-mauve Angora Cardi and all the great manis we've gotten out of it), but because women are apparently going crazy for a pinky beige that isn't the brand's best-selling Ballet Slippers. You know the one: You've seen in just about every #ISaidYes and #PunnyWeddingHashtag post since the dawn of all your high school friends getting married. You probably wore it to one of those weddings. The shade to dethrone it? Essie Topless & Barefoot.

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Spotlight On: Spring Nail Art and Looks
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Spotlight On: Spring Nail Art and Looks
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