The 29 Young Stars Who Will One Day Rule Hollywood, Ranked

Chance the Rapper — real name Chancelor Bennett — has had a remarkable rise. The music industry has seen plenty of wunderkinds who rise to the top of the charts in their late teens or early 20s. What makes Chance exceptional is that he's done it without the backing of a major record label — or any label at all.

He's launched himself to stratosphere status on the sheer strength of his talent and by taking advantage of new distribution methods like SoundCloud and Spotify. And though it's unorthodox by industry standards, the industry has embraced him. He won a 2017 Grammy for best new artist, the first person to do so with a streaming-only album.

And then there's his music itself. It can be both infectiously happy — check out "Sunday Candy" — and embraces the current of gospel music running through hip-hop. At the same time, he's capable of mournful ballads like "Same Drugs." Either way, Chance delivered an energy and emotional heft to hip-hop music that his generation needed.

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The 29 young stars who will one day rule Hollywood, ranked
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