The Best Eye Makeup Tips You Have To Try – How To Do The Smokey Eye Look

Your skin-care routine might actually be the culprit behind your smeared eyeliner. If you're using heavy, oil-based moisturizers or eye creams during the day, they might be making your makeup travel down your face. “The eyelid naturally creates oil to protect the eye, allowing you to comfortably open and close it,” says makeup artist Gina Karvellas. “Therefore, adding more oil to this area will make it much more difficult to apply makeup, and more importantly, keep it there.”

To combat this, Justine Purdue, a celebrity makeup artist for global management agency Streeters, suggests reconsidering your skin-care products. “A rich cream should be kept to nights and a less emollient cream or water-based eye gel is good for pre-makeup,” says Purdue.

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