The World’s Most Expensive Manicure Costs £2000 PER NAIL

MANY people dream of owning diamonds in rings and necklaces, but would you wear them on your NAILS?

A luxury jewellery designer has created a nail polish that contains a staggering 267 carats of black diamonds... but it'll set you back £182,045 ($250,000).

 Azature has a £180,000 nail polish containing black diamonds. Thankfully a budget £18.20 bottle, pictured, was also released by the company>Azature Beauty>
Azature has a £180,000 nail polish containing black diamonds. Thankfully a budget £18.20 bottle, pictured, was also released by the company

Los Angeles designer Azature Pogosian created the Black Diamond product, which leaves users with a dark, glittery sheen on their nails.

Just one bottle of the eye-wateringly expensive polish was made by the company - but that doesn't mean beauty lovers can't try the luxury shade.

Azature has also released  "budget" 0.5ml versions of the bottle with each containing a single black diamond.

Thankfully for those watching the pennies, these cheaper alternatives cost just £18.20.

Many have tried to duplicate us. Many have tried to be us. Many have launched a whole "couture" atelier product line based on us. But @getnailedbynellie says it best when it comes to AZATURE, "perfection cannot be duplicated." #KeepTrying #MostLuxurious #Luxury #Atelier #Couture #OnlyOne #AZATURE #LeaderInLuxury #StalkUs

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The world’s most expensive manicure costs £2000 PER NAIL
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