These Are The Cheesiest Nails You'll Ever See

Enter: cheese nails. While not totally new — spend enough time digging and you'll find examples on Instagram — they've been perfected by Tastemade Japan in the above video. I mean, could cheese-inspired nail art be any more precise? Likely because the foodies didn't cut corners. The team behind the video drilled holes in acrylics and used a mixture of yellow, orange, and white polish.

Now, we’ve seen our fair share of wild nail art and controversial manicures, but we haven’t quite experienced anything so realistic. Or nauseating, depending on your general feelings toward dairy. My thoughts? As much as I appreciate the artistry, this is the only cheese I'll ever say no to.

But what do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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These Are The Cheesiest Nails You'll Ever See
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