This Summer's Nail Trend Is Not What You Think

"Unfortunately, this is a time where so many retailers, media outlets and communication agencies are under fire for racial and gender issues within their marketing. With this climate, I think magazines are either doing the most to seem inclusive/not offensive or not doing anything at all/remaining neutral to avoid any outcry. However, Lupita's cover for Allure is beautiful. Her beauty team gets it right EVERY time and I just think Lupita doesn't involve herself in anything that might offend anyone, culturally.

There's nothing that Lupita has done that has not enriched me. I do believe that certain publications capitalize on our culture, for sure, but this was not an instance of that happening in my opinion. Also, I think we give so much power to these mags when it really is in the content and that individual who agrees to participate in that content. The same way we get mad at the editors and writers is the same way we have to start holding these 'influencers' and actors and designers and artists accountable for participating in content that is offensive to our culture." —

 Dairia Kymber Harvin , 24

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