This Summer's Nail Trend Is Not What You Think

WE'VE seen our fair share of odd beauty trends of late - but this one really is nailing it on social media.

Not content with glitter bombing their vaginas, people are now getting vulva manicures.

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The unusual trend involves embossing some pretty realistic vagina shapes to create a statement nail design.

The one that caught our eye was a manicure by nail artist Asa Bree, who works at Finger Bang nail salon in Portland, USA.

Having had the idea to create a vagina-themed nail design, Asa tried it out on local designer T Ngu, who owns a shop called Project Object which stocks handmade goods from artists within the community.

T has been getting her nails done by Asa for years and let her have a go at recreating her vulva vision ahead of an event at her shop, where she was hosting artist Meggyn Pomerleau, who wrote The Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book.

She told Buzzfeed: "Asa and I had been talking about doing some vagina or vulva-inspired nails for a while.

"It just felt appropriate to just kind of make a statement on my nails."

Take a chance get spontaneous! Leave it up to the indecision pin! @adamjk pins are back in stock! Nails by @asabree from @fingerbangportland 💅🏼

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The process took around two hours, with Asa consulting medical models of vaginas to get her design spot on.

Asa then shared photos of her creation on Instagram, where they went down a storm.

But while many people praised the unusual design, several weren't keen, calling them "gross" and "embarrassing".

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But T said she didn't think the "female body part" was "anything to be ashamed of", adding that her nail art is a "conversation piece that focuses the light on so many issues".

From taking a cursory glance through Instagram, it's clear there's a lot of love out there for vagina nails - but would you be brave enough to try them?

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