Top 10 Affordable Places To Go For The Summer!

You don't have to be flush with cash to enjoy a great summer vacation.

In fact, according to the most recent U.S. News & World Report's best vacations rankings, some of the highest-rated destinations in the US are also the most affordable.

To determine the best places to travel, U.S. News calculated an overall score for more than 300 destinations, and ranked them based on the following:

  • A score given by U.S. News editors between one (worst) and five (best) in 10 categories — sights, culture, people, food, shopping, family, nightlife, adventure, romance, and accessibility — for each destination.
  • The percentage of travelers who voted "yes" to whether the destination belongs on the list of best places.

U.S. News then deemed a destination affordable if the average nightly rate for hotels with three-stars and above is $150 or less based on data sourced from Expedia. Read more about the methodology here.

The list of the best and most affordable destinations in America runs the gamut, from bucket-list spots like Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon to quaint mountain towns like Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Branson, Missouri.

Below, check out the top 17 best and most affordable destinations for travel in the US this summer, including how they fare in the sights and food categories. All scores are out of a possible five points.

Note that cities with ties were broken by scores from U.S. News editors.

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