Try The Best Chinese Food In & Around The Haddams Killingworth

When Club Mexicana’s residency at Pamela finished we felt a bit broken. But when we heard that it’s been replaced by Mao Chow we got excited all over again. It’s not just going to be Chinese. It’s going to be vegan Chinese. We hold our hands up: we’re fickle. We can’t wait to try 100 percent meat-free ‘pork’ dumplings and a Chinese ‘lamb’ burger. Also on the menu is smoked ‘beef’ jerky fried rice, dan dan noodles and the tantalisingly named ‘sweet silken tofu’. The long-term residency is expected to run until 2019, and another big plus is that no dish is more than £9. Mao Chow: you have our undivided attention. 

Mao Chow is open 6pm-11pm Tuesday-Saturday at Pamela, 428 Kingsland Rd, E8 4AA.

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