We Don’t Need More Self Improvement: We Need Creators.

Countries all across the planet have created this huge self-improvement movement in the last few decades. It’s at an all-time high.

Everyone’s high fiving each other.

We’re reading more books about transforming our lives. We’re trying new habits. We’re listening to self-improvement podcasts. Live events with the likes of Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins are selling out everywhere. Anyone who preaches self-improvement is becoming “Internet Famous.”

There’s one challenge though everybody:

“If we all try to improve ourselves and not each other, we’re screwed”

That’s why we need more creators.

Passive consumption does nothing for no one.

Creators are people who want to build things instead of passively consuming. If all you do is focus on improving yourself and you never actually do anything, then there’s no point. Getting all fired up to go to work and then just get money so you can live in a bigger castle, thanks to the drug that is self-improvement, is scary.

If you’re going to consume lots of self-improvement content and go to all these rah-rah stand on one-foot events, then you need to remember one thing:

Self-improvement is meaningless if you don’t create something that’s designed to help somebody other than yourself.

There’s no joy or fulfillment in improving yourself. Take a look at all those Wall Street folk who supposedly have it all. Do they look happy to you? Mostly not.

Source : https://medium.com/personal-growth/we-dont-need-more-self-improvement-we-need-creators-3de3819fe6c8

We Don’t Need More Self Improvement: We Need Creators.
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