We Found Your Perfect Swimsuit Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Emily Ratajkowski has worn just about every swimsuit in the book. Mix-and-match bikinis, sultry maillots, halter style one-pieces with cheeky backs — you name it, she's tried it, then shared it on social media. That's what we love about the supermodel-turned-actress and activist: she's not afraid to experiment with colors and silhouettes, providing us with brand new beachwear inspiration on the regular. In fact, we discovered that Emily's got a poolside ensemble for every mood. That led us to pair each one with a specific zodiac sign, and just like that, your Emily Ratajkowski swim horoscope awaits. Scroll to see what's written in the stars, then shop away.


The Secret to the Perfect Swimsuit Lies in Your Zodiac Sign

Source : https://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Emily-Ratajkowski-Swimsuits-Personality-Type-43644367

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