Your 2017 Spring & Summer Beauty Guide

This is a great class for students who have taken Intro to Leather and have had experience in making a leather bag using pre-cut and punched leather pieces.  Levels 1 & 2 will teach students how to cut and stamp leather, design their own leather bag (or use one of many templates available) and begin to learn pyrography on leather, colorizing wax ink and dry wax techniques.  Students will make up to 2 bags, depending on their choice of size and complexity.  Instructors provide shapes, tassels and all other needed materials that will be used to make a truly unique pair of bags!  Some of the techniques students will learn are cutting and punching leather, using a wood burner to burn a pattern into leather, colorizing leather with waxes.  This class will be especially fun to take with a friend or with family!

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